8 Facts About Boise That All Home Seekers Should Know

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Boise, the capital city of Idaho, is a dream destination for many homebuyers because of the incredible lifestyle benefits and numerous facilities and amenities that it offers. No wonder it grabbed the topmost position in the list of cities that “get it right” in Times Magazine in 2014, as well as stood second in Forbes list of “Best Places for Business and Careers” in 2008.

8 Facts About Boise That All Home Seekers Should Know

Rightfully known as the Treasure City, Treasure Valley, or City of the Trees, Boise is one of the most cherished cities in Idaho, where the people are quite vibrant and happy almost all the time. The environment thrives here, and you can see a chain of amazing greens from the downtown area to the parks, providing the people with an unmatched landscape bathed in natural beauty.

So, if you are looking for a home in Boise, you’re probably taking the best decision in your life. According to experts, it tops the list of hot housing markets in 2020, because of the lower expenses of enjoying an upgraded lifestyle here. With a tree-hugging, universally-compassionate, and environmentally-conscious population, you can be assured of maximum cooperation from the locals while settling down here. Let’s now let you in on some interesting facts about the Treasure Valley, which may be your next home buying destination.

It’s almost impossible to stay inactive in Boise

Boise offers several exciting outdoor activities, like biking, hiking, kayaking, and rafting, fly fishing, and more, which makes it nearly impossible to stay indoors. The experts at Stewart Realty LLC suggest opting for work out classes in the parks and taking ice-skating lessons to add to these activities. So if you’re bubbling with energy but have no idea where to use it, the city can help you channelize it in the right direction.

The Garden City greenbelt will leave you awestruck

Generally, greenbelts connect one city to another in a unique manner, besides providing a natural ecosystem for flora and fauna to develop seamlessly along the Boise River but also offer a healthy environment for the inhabitants to carry on with their hiking, fishing or simply walking and other activities within the city boundaries. The walking path, greenbelt and the entire area along the river banks date back to the 1960s when they were first being developed. You’ll be surprised to know that the area around the river was nothing like the Garden of Eden that it is today. However, the greenbelt changed it all by providing a rich, natural resource to the local people, who can enjoy it for years to come.

Basque community as the backbone of its cultural integrity

The Basque community from Spain’s Bizkaia or Biscay province plays an integral role in defining the cultural integrity of the city. They have been immigrating here since the early 1800s and today, they form a major portion of the state’s population, as well as its culture. Although they came here first in search of mining jobs, other options sprouted soon, like ranching, boarding, and herding sheep, which ultimately gave them a purpose in life. Today, they have museums, restaurants, diners, recreation centers and markets dedicated to their culture and ethnic values. They also hold numerous colorful and joyous festivals, like ‘Jaialdi’, all year round, and the non-Basques celebrate with them.

Winters are never lazy here

As mentioned before, Boise doesn’t let you turn into a couch potato and tickle your adventure bones to enjoy winter like nowhere else. The Bogus Basin Ski Resort, which is located along the slope of the mountain, is a favorite vacation spot for tourists and locals alike. If you seek thrill and adventure, you are spoilt with choices of different outdoor winter sports. However, you can also take a casual stroll outside the resort and enjoy the beauty of the cold season without carrying your ski gear, if you seek solace along with a tinge of adrenaline rush.

The convenience of mobility and transport

The Great Connector, better known as the Interstate 84, is the most convenient route for travelers wishing to go to Salt Lake City or Portland. Further, you shouldn’t have fears about the chances of accidents on the road while moving in a rental vehicle. This is mainly because Boise occupied the second spot on the AllStates Insurances List of 2011, thus ensuring the inherent safety of traveling.

8 Facts About Boise That All Home Seekers Should Know - housing

It has kept the theatre alive

There’s no reason to believe that the Boise people are only lovers of potatoes and the delicious dishes that are prepared from it. They are a bunch of quite educated people with a keen interest in plays, which has kept the theatre alive for centuries here. To this date, classic plays are enacted on the stages by notable producers, and people flock to the theaters to watch them. Two of the biggest names in the history of theaters in Boise are The Boise Little Theater and The Boise Contemporary Theater, the latter being an affluent professional theater company that stages complete contemporary seasons. The Boise Little Theater is, however, a non-profit, all-volunteer organization that has been running for the longest time in the history of the city.

Boise is the home of Aaron Paul

Well, Yes! It’s the ‘Breaking Bad’ actor, who is being talked about here. He was born in Treasure City and graduated from Centennial High School in 1998 before moving to LA with his mother and $6000 in his pocket. You all know what happened next. His fans celebrate October 1 as ‘Aaron Paul’ day in Idaho.

Costs of living are lower here 

Although the city offers no fewer amenities than any large, urban city, the cost of living in Boise is way low than that in Seattle or Portland. You can also enjoy the lower costs of goods and services here, while the same can be a bit expensive in the other cities of Idaho.

Wrapping it up

If you’re planning to buy a home in Boise, you should consider several factors apart from selecting the best neighborhood and deciding on a suitable price of the property. Do your research on the proximity of the location to important spots like healthcare centers, educational institutes, shopping centers, and more along with transport facilities. As Idaho is considered to have one of the lowest crime rates in the US, you may not emphasize more on the safety factor. But make sure you opt for some effective relocation counseling before you make a big investment. Happy home hunting!

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