Ideas For A Block Wall in the Front Yard

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Anybody would fancy the idea of increasing their curb appeal at a fair price. But the biggest question is, where do you start? Homeowners tend to dedicate more time, effort, and money beautifying their front yard, and rightly so. Ideally, the front yard gives a strong first impression because it’s the first thing a visitor notices when they visit your home. Picture this, a perfectly constructed yard with greenery and garden flowers to accentuate your backyard at the most affordable price. Wouldn’t it be amazing? These why we made this block wall ideas for your front yard.

block wall idea for the front yard

This guide breaks down what many homeowners tend to ignore, the best block wall ideas for front yards. Is this the perfect time to choose tiered walls over the traditional, boring options? We believe so. But let’s start by highlighting the advantages of a front yard block wall

Advantages of Front Yard Block Walls

Building a gorgeous front yard block wall is more than just a way to enhance property value. A well-built block wall serves excellent aesthetic and functional purposes to give you a glittering home all-season. Here are the top 3 advantages of installing a block wall in your front yard:

  • Block Walls Support Soil

In sloped landscapes, a perfectly crafted block wall ensures that your soil remains in place to help improve the curb appeal. Whether you opt for a single wall or multiple tiered walls, a block wall is all you need to protect your yard from the devastating effects of a heavy downpour. 

  • Enhance Curb Appeal

You guessed it right! The charming appearance of concrete or natural stone would be great for any front yard. A block wall adds elegance to your property. Some say these structures are great, but we say, they look even better when garden beds are added. 

  • Maximize the Available Space

For sloped yards, tiered retaining walls create an amazing relaxing space by transforming your property into a top-quality structure. For this reason, block walls are an excellent choice for both suburban and municipal settings. There are also some great precast wall options for your front yard, you can learn more about them from Verti-crete.

finished block wall

Block Wall Ideas

There are limitless ideas for block wall installation. And the only constraint is in your preferences. Whether you want to add a water feature or a garden bed, the chosen option should match your design ideas and taste. To help you get started, here is our best selections.

Multiple color options

How about spicing up your front yard using multiple colors? Color blending adds depth to your front yard by giving it a matted appearance. Opting for subdued color tones is even great if you want to create a calm environment. 

Use overlapping stones

Ever wondered what a block wall constructed using overlapping stones would look like? With this design, the stones will curve outwards to bring visual appeal. Ideally, this decorative idea is excellent for large walls with protruding surfaces that require uniformity.

Choose tiered walls

For sloppy surfaces, tiered block walls are just as good as they can get. They are durable, stylish, and functional in many ways. Tiered walls will help you maximize the available front yard space and also serve a vital artistic role. They come in several designs to ensure you choose what matches your taste and style.

Garden beds

Time to go green, right? For a natural and stylish look that compliments your yard, surround your block wall with a green garden. You may want to mix shrubs with other herbs to give your property a gorgeous look. Always keep in mind that greenery works best when the block wall is just next to the entrance to your property.

Light Up the Outside Space

Adding lights to your front yard space gives an electrifying setting. Glowing light patterns are a stunning addition to your yard. Lights add an elegant taste that’s great for dinners and family gatherings.

To Conclude

Your backyard should be an attractive place where your loved ones can catch a glimpse of the beautiful scenery. A nice-looking garden, a perfectly designed block wall and attractive soil will complete any backyard. But let’s face it, it takes time, effort, and money to create a picture-perfect backyard. Might want to get a masonry contractor with the help of best masonry contractors guide. So, get the most out of your space using our ideas for front yard block wall installation for 2020.  Cinder block installation costs $8 to $40 per square foot, depending on if it’s a fence, retaining wall, garage or house wall, shed wall, or foundation.

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