Bird Control for Historic Buildings

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Birds make their way into every sort of building, and historic landmarks are no exception. Birds like nesting in the eaves and crevices of these buildings and perching on their ledges. This can impact the aesthetics of the building, lead to excessive bird droppings, and damage the site overall. Nesting birds can also pose a fire hazard, which puts the building at risk of being lost permanently.


A bird control company can install bird exclusion methods that are low-visibility and that won’t impact the functioning of the historic building. The most common low-visibility solutions for bird control for historic buildings are bird netting and bird wire.

Bird netting is a bird control solution that nets off entire sections of a building. Bird netting can be used to net off the rafters of a building or it can be used on smaller sections such as the top of a pillar. Bird netting is used to exclude birds’ presence as well as to stop them from nesting in netted off areas. Bird netting is one of the top bird control solutions of all time. It excludes birds with 100% effectiveness when installed properly. Bird netting is most often used in situations where you want to exclude entire sections of a building from birds. In this function, it has no equal. Bird netting is one of our most-recommended products for historic buildings for this reason.

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Bird wire is another excellent solution for bird control. Bird wire blocks birds from perching on a ledge or surface entirely. Bird wire works by spreading wire across two raised poles of unequal height. Birds find the wire surface unstable and have to find somewhere else to perch. Bird wire is a great solution for historic buildings because of its low visibility. In addition to blocking birds from ledges, it is almost invisible to the untrained eye. This works especially well on historic buildings, as the building aesthetics will not be interfered with by the bird control equipment.

Bird netting and bird wire will deter birds from a building if they have not already nested. If birds have already nested in the historic building, you are most likely going to need to call in a bird control company. Most bird species are protected by the Migratory Bird Act of 1918 and it would be illegal to move their nests. A bird control company can inspect the site and get a permit to move the birds safely and legally. AviAway is a bird control company that has experience performing bird control jobs on historic buildings. Visit their website to learn more about bird control methods or to request a free bird control quote.

Summary: Birds can nest and become a nuisance in historic buildings, increasing bird droppings and posing a fire risk. Bird netting and bird wire are two effective and low-visibility solutions for excluding birds from the building. If birds have already nested, your best bet is to call in a bird control company to inspect the site.

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