Top 5 best plunger alternatives for home use

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Are you using a plunger more often than you’d like? There’s nothing worse than using the bathroom and wondering if you’ll need to plunge your toilet at the end. Incessant drain problems can quickly become a nightmare that’s not worth living over and over again. The good news is that there are better solutions than a simple plunger.

Top 5 best plunger alternatives for home use

While a plunger is good for occasional use, it’s not the best option for frequent use. Frequent use signifies that there’s a clog further down the line that needs to be addressed. Below, you’ll be able to learn some great plunger alternatives that are more likely to completely resolve your drainage problems.

1) Drain Snake

There are several names for a drain snake including plumber’s snake and drain auger. Unlike a plunger, this device digs deeper down into your drain to unclog it and break up the matter that’s causing the clog. Typically, a good drain snake for home use is 20’ to 25’ long, click here to see your best options. To select a drain snake for your home, you must consider the varieties available. There are manual versions and automatic cordless versions. Both work well, but you’ll want to consider if paying a little extra for the convenience of a cordless version is better for you.

When using a drain snake, be sure to aim the head of the snake down into the bowl before you start to reel it out. This way, you avoid scratching visible parts of the bowl. Additionally, there are various types of heads to consider when matching the correct snake to your plumbing. All in all, a drain snake is far superior to a plunger and a lot more likely to clear your clog for good.

2) Hair Grabber

If your constant clogging issue is occurring in your shower drain, then a hair grabber drain tool might be all you need to eliminate the clog. The two main advantages of using a hair grabber are its low cost and it’s disposable, so there’s no need to touch the mess it pulls out. To use a hair grabber, you’ll want to insert it into your drain as deeply as possible and twist it once it stops or is fully inserted. Next, don’t rush the process to ensure that you grab as much hair as possible. Then, slowly pull it out while twisting it. Finally, pull it out completely, and there should be a huge glob of hair on it. Continue to the next item on the list to ensure you don’t continue to clog your drain with hair.

3) Drain Protector

One of the best ways to prevent shower clogs due to hair is to install a drain protector, also known as a hair catcher. This simple upgrade and installation are all you need to prevent future hair clogs. This step is important to do once you unclog the drain using a hair grabber. One of the better brands on the market for universal use is the TubShroom. There are various models available to fit just about any sink or shower drain. All you have to do is check the model to confirm whether it will fit your shower drain. Additionally, this same type of drain protector works quite well to prevent clogs in your bathroom or kitchen sink.

Top 5 best plunger alternatives for home use - unclogging a toilet bowl

4) Toilet Auger

Another option that’s specifically for unclogging toilets is a toilet or closet auger. Similar to a drain snake, this tool features a snake that digs deeper into your toilet to remove the clog altogether. Comparatively, a toilet auger is shorter than a drain snake, usually measuring about 3’ to 6’. A couple of reasons you might want to choose a toilet auger over a drain snake are that it’s more affordable and less likely to scratch your toilet bowl since it has a rubber sleeve. Once you position the end of the auger into the bowl, the snake portion enters the plumbing without scratching it. The same goes for when you reel in the snake. Be sure that the snake is completely reeled in before you pull it out to avoid damaging your bowl.

5) Drain Cleaner Machine

For tough clogs and complete clearance of your sewage line, a drain cleaner machine is the tool of choice. Oftentimes, homeowners rent drain cleaning machines, though, you’ll probably find that investing in one will save you some bucks. The advantage here is that you’re able to do semi-annual or annual maintenance on your plumbing lines to ensure that they’re clear. Unlike a smaller plumbing snake, a drain cleaner machine has a longer line of up to 50’ or more, it’s a more powerful machine, and it usually includes multiple cutting heads to address different types of clogs. Overall, depending on the clog and the persistence of your clogging issues, a drain cleaner machine may or may not be overkill. Chances are that if you often need to hire a plumber to use one or rent one, you’re better off buying one to save yourself money.

Final Word

All of the plunger alternatives in this guide are far superior to using a regular plunger. As mentioned above, a plunger is good for occasional use, but if you find yourself constantly battling clogs, then you need to use one of the tools on this list. It all comes down to the type of clog, the location of the clog, and the frequency of your clogging issues. Once you gather that info, then it’s not hard to choose the item on this list that will get the job done for you.

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