Best Microwaves from LG, Samsung, Bajaj and IFB that Help You Save Time in the Kitchen

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Microwave ovens are not easy to buy, with a number of brands vying for your attention with their too good to be true advertisements. Most of the advertised brands claim to perform most tasks that are required during the cooking process. However, you must not fall for advertisements and decide for yourself the type of microwave you need for your cooking requirements. Microwaves are appliances that you cannot possibly judge by reading reviews.


As different people have different food habits, their requirements from the microwave are not the same. Furthermore, they do not use the microwave for the same purpose. You might very well need a different category of a microwave than what your friend has purchased. Shop Microwave Oven on EMI at the Bajaj Mall and get genuine products from the best brands at affordable prices.

The Brands that You Can Trust

There is no dearth of good brands in the market, but some of them are a cut above. These microwaves do not just assist you, but make cooking a pleasurable experience. Let us take a look at the best brands and see what they have got to offer.

●       Samsung

With its “New Baker” series, Samsung has launched a range of specialized microwaves that can do the job for you. No longer do you need to pay ridiculous amounts for food delivery as you can cook better at home! Steam, grill, bake or reheat—you have all the freedom to express your creativity with the brand. The appliances are also easier to navigate with the touch-screen functions that make cooking look easy. These easy to clean appliances make sure that you do not have to spend your precious time trying to maintain the pristine look on your appliance.


●       Bajaj

Bajaj microwave oven makes cooking easy with the hundreds of auto-cook menus you can find in a Haier micro oven. The oil-free cooking mode makes sure that you stay healthy no matter what you are having for lunch and dinner. The smart defrost and reheating features make sure that optimum energy is used, so that you do not have to pay an inflated electricity bill.

●       LG

The brand has won hearts with its “Healthy Heart” mechanism that ensures that your cholesterol levels do not shoot up. The charcoal heating system in these appliances makes the grilled meat and veggies crunchy while retaining their flavor. The best LG microwave oven helps you save 50% time and 30% energy, thus putting the brand in the same bracket as the best in the business. If you are not a fan of packaged food, these microwaves are the best choice for you. The brand claims that you can prepare pure, homemade ghee in 12 minutes with these appliances. Give your palette more variety with the 12 different kinds of bread supported by the oven. You can easily dig into your guilty pleasure and have those delectable samosas without having to deep fry them. In other words, the best LG microwave oven provides you with the best combination of pleasure and health.

food out of microwave

●       IFB

The IFB microwave oven is well known for its dependability when it comes to sterilizing. Mothers trust the IFB microwave oven while cleaning their babies’ milk bottles, which makes ample case in favor of the brand. You do not have to worry if you have to take a long work call when you need to pay attention to your cooking. These appliances allow you to cook in different stages, and the microwave automatically resumes cooking from where you had left.

Make a Smart Choice

Finally, you should choose your microwave based on the number of members in your family. If you need one for yourself, anything under 20 L would be fine. Get one of 20-30 litres capacity if you have up to 8 members to feed. For more members, you should get bigger microwaves, adding about 1 liter or so for each member. Get your favorite microwave oven on EMI from the Bajaj Mall and enjoy greater savings through exclusive deals. Avail of No Cost EMI on your purchase with the Bajaj Finserv EMI Network Card.

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