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The cost of home renovation and remodeling can be a burden whether you’re planning to do everything yourself or find help from experts. Even repainting the walls, rearranging the landscape, and upgrading the room are already costly, assuming you are opting for low-cost upgrades. Unless you are an architect or experienced designer in the construction industry, it is difficult to predict in advance how much it will cost and what your project will look like once the remodel is complete. Hiring someone to do the work for you, you have to consider how exactly you will convey your ideas, from layout, and arrangement, to decorative details that match your personal style. A home design planning toolkit is the best solution for visualizing ideas. That’s why we composed this thorough guide to best home design application.

rendered living room

Among the many available applications, Planer 5D is the best home design software that allows you to create realistic visions for your entire new construction, and home improvement project from floor plan construction to interior decoration, and landscape design to finishing stages. In addition to the fact that it costs nothing, this is an easy-to-use software that is suitable for all types of users, regardless of whether they are amateurs for personal home projects or pros for professional purposes. This design platform also offers the most complete toolset with realistic and beautiful 3D rendering. The following review will give you an overview of this perfect design software on the basis of a comparison with similar products.

Another home design software and Planner 5D in comparison

The field of design is not an exception to the influence of digitization. Instead of creating large-scale manual drawings, and complicated and time-consuming measurement and calculation jobs before, design software was born to make every job easy. The house design application is computer-aided software that allows users to design layouts and arrange interiors in those spaces, and plan the construction. There is a lot of software developed with different toolkits for different uses, but according to statistics, most users will note a few special factors below:

1. Device and Compatibility

Usually, the design software has high graphics that require high configuration and huge memory equipment to be able to process and store design data. Paid specialized software such as CAD which includes many complex technical drawings and additional functional toolkits is very picky on computers with advanced operating systems, large screens, and large amounts of memory. This can lead to a lot of trouble when your needs are for personal use and there are many complex extra features you don’t even touch. Meanwhile, Planner 5D is an online design tool developed on both web-based and app-based platforms, compatible with almost all devices and operating systems thanks to cloud data storage. Without investing in a special and expensive device, you can still have a fast, smooth design experience on this online platform.

2. Comprehensive solution

One problem with using free home design apps is that you can only work with 2D models or are very limited with 3D models. The expectations for beautiful, realistic renderings to visualize your remodeling projects and what your home would look like in the real world are therefore not being met. Planner 5D is the perfect answer for you if you are looking for an application that can combine both two-dimensional and three-dimensional simulation modes. Using Planner 5D, you can design floor plans, room layouts, and interior decoration in a 2D design interface and switch to a three-dimensional view with multiple standing points and viewing angles that can be rotated, right on one single working window. This gives you an overview preview as well as the ability to zoom in and see details, helping your design to be precise and true to the ideas you intended.

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Moreover, the collection of items for interior and landscape design with more than 8000 details makes it possible for you to transform any space into a functional living space with a touch of your own style.

3. Easy-to-use toolkit

Innovative, advanced design tools are only suitable for experienced architects and professional designers. Most users want software that is fully functional and easy to deal with. It’s troublesome when you don’t have a lot of design knowledge or experience and find a set of supporting tools but have to figure out how to use them, not to mention the attempts that can ruin your finished steps. A user-friendly interface and simplified operations to drag-drop and mouse clicks are the reasons why Planner 5D is the first choice of thousands of amateur users. Download Planner 5D and experiment now with effortless and hassle-free interior designs.

4. Accessibility

A great idea comes to mind or suddenly finds inspiration, but not everyone has the ability to draw it right on paper or always carry a computer with open design software with them. Those who are planning to renovate or build a home really need a flexible toolkit that can be accessed anywhere. The Planner 5D home design app on a mobile device allows you to work on your plans on the go, take your tablet to the garden, and compare designs with actual views or layouts, even in offline mode. Convenient, save time, and ensure accuracy to reality for drawings.

5. Reasonable cost

A cost-effective support solution is always considered for selection. A monthly fee or an expensive initial purchase of specialized software is a waste unless you use it regularly for work and it will be compensated by winning customers. Individual customers tend to accept free applications or may be willing to pay a small subscription amount. With the interior design application Planner 5D, users have both options. You don’t spend a dime if you just use it to unleash your creativity and communicate your home renovation and upgrading ideas. If you work in the design industry and need premium tools for more complex tasks, you can consider the Pro plan at a fraction of the cost of other paid apps.

Final thoughts about Planner 5D

Designing your own dream home is the wish of many people. It’s not far-fetched, despite whoever you are, with the help of Planner 5D home design software which is voted as one of the best home design application. Download the Planner 5D app from the Play Store or Google Play or visit the official website and start your journey to making your home remodeling ideas a reality.

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