Sell homes and visualize remodeling projects: discover Cedar Architect!

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Presenting a home virtually has come a long way over the years. Professional home design software can do much more than basic drafting. You can complete sets of construction details, framing, structural analysis, even finished project renderings. You’ll see how easy it is to visualize remodeling projects with this simple to use 3D software.

house made in Cedar architect 3D

Ideas for remodeling and decorating projects can be presented with images created on your computer as well. However, most software has limitations when the designs are for presentation or project proposals.

Solving the eternal issue: Create great project proposal drawings with very little time, effort and money

You may be planning a remodel for yourself, remodel before selling, or even virtually staging to sell or rent a home or apartment. And you’ll be facing the same problem professionals always face when it comes to proposal drawings and images: how to create project proposal drawings and images that sell while balancing time, effort, price and quality. What is the best solution? Cedar Architect is a unique and easy-to-use 3D design software product that focuses on the presentation/sales aspect of designing residential spaces.

What makes it Cedar architect unique?

Unlike other products, Cedar Architect is focused on communicating design ideas with life-like 3D rendered images . This helps professionals sell building/remodeling projects, and even virtually stage homes and condominiums for quicker sales. It helps you do this with little effort, in a short time, and with normal everyday computers. In fact, this is easy-to-use design software that is as easy as “drag and drop” to create your plan. Draw the plan quickly and render your high-quality images on our servers while you work!

living room made by Cedreo

Finding the right solution for you

Should I purchase CAD/construction software tools?

Professional 3D building design products are designed to create detailed construction drawings and are very technical. They require a big investment in time and money to become proficient. Using these tools to generate 3D images of proposed building/remodeling projects can be a difficult and time-consuming task. Consumer home design tools have become complicated and have poor rendering quality. The resulting images don’t present a true view of the final product or photo-quality images to help sell the project or home. A few have reasonably good rendering but tie up your computer for hours to complete.

Should I try turning to consumer software?

rendered kitchen

Consumer home design tools have become complicated and have poor rendering quality. The resulting images don’t present a true view of the final product or photo-quality images to help sell the project or home. A few have reasonably good rendering but tie up your computer for hours to complete.

What about Image-based solutions? Could they help?

While there are tools available that allow you to paint walls and floors in a photograph, the resulting images are low quality and not helpful as part of a professional presentation. Many houses are not photogenic and using photos from these interiors can be worse than using no images at all.
Cedar Architect provides easy-to-use tools to create life-like rendered interior and exterior images for a proposal, website or brochure. You’ll be able to visualize your remodeling projects in no time. Draw the plan even more quickly by importing an image of the plan and trace it to create a scaled drawing ready to decorate. Cedar Architect is a web-based ‘online’ application. The rendering is all done on our servers which means that you get HD images quickly and you can work while your final image is rendering.

Home Staging

Empty rooms do not help properties sell faster. Home staging makes a room seem more livable to potential buyers. Furniture and accessories are added to help prospects see how space is used and to show off the space in the most favorable light. Most staging is done in the actual rooms with furniture and accessories.
Virtually staging properties is an exciting new trend in listing homes for sale or lease. This is popular with lower and mid-range priced homes that are either empty or in less than showcase shape. Most virtual staging solutions are image-based. Home design software with real photorealistic rendering usually requires high-end computers and costs thousands of dollars.
Cedar Architect is the perfect tool for virtual staging. The room or plan can be drawn quickly to create the empty spaces. Then with a few mouse clicks to apply materials, drag and drop furniture and accessories into place, you are ready to render a virtually staged room image. You can also present how a remodel will look in life-like detail. A simple mouse click will render a photorealistic image of your design and help you sell your project faster!

Taking a Virtual Tour

The latest innovation in visualizing homes actually immerses you in the project home. Some design software tools allow you to create a video that walks through a plan built with the software. The downside to this is that you cannot look around, only walk through looking in one direction. Other image-based solutions create a photo panorama that allows you to look around in the actual space. This is great for visualizing current spaces but doesn’t help with visualizing new ideas for the home. Only Cedar Architect provides 360° cameras to create a 3D Virtual Visit of your design ideas created with the software. Quickly create a design, drop in a 360° camera, and a single mouse-click will build your 3D virtual tour. Just as if you are standing in the newly remodeled kitchen or great room, move the mouse and look 360° around to see how it will look. If you want to experience a virtual visit with Cedar architect 3D… click here!

Imagine a remodeler creating 2D sketches to show how a room will look after a wall between the great room and kitchen is knocked down. Now imagine another remodeler bidding on the same project, presenting a virtual tour of the proposed update. The builder or remodeler presents a 360° virtual view from behind the kitchen island ‘looking out at the guests’ as well as another panoramic 360° view standing in the living room looking toward the now open kitchen. The homeowner can actually feel like they are in the finished remodel instead of looking at cad drawings. That’s the power of Virtual Visits and Cedar Architect .

How does it all work?

Cedar Architect is the only 3D Home Design software solution that focuses on creating life-like image renderings from your designs with minimal time and effort required. The steps are fast and easy.

Draw the plan

It’s quick and easy to visualize remodeling projects and sketch the home’s walls with customizable doors and windows to complete the structure. Drawing is easy with drag and drop walls and customizable doors and windows.

floor plan made with Cedar

Decorate the home

Cedar Architect provides a wide selection of building and decorating materials to set the backdrop for your furniture. Show building options for rooms such as hardwood, carpet, or tile floors. Of course you can also customize the home’s exterior with siding or stucco, pavers and more. Add 3D furniture and accessories to complete your decorating or home staging. Choose from furnishings by room type or style and customize the furniture size and materials at any time. Adding furniture is done in a 3D view making it easy to see how your design is progressing. A 2D view is available to help you fine tune furniture and accessory placement.


As you work on the exterior, add paver areas like driveways, patios and sidewalks. Create planter beds, border walls, and fences. Add entertaining spaces with pools and decks. Landscape with resizable trees, shrubs and flowers. These plants are real 3D plants, not pictures of plants. This allows you to render a ‘real’ 3D view of the property at any angle.

Render your project

Cedar Architect is an online application and the renderings are all processed on our servers and you can visualize remodeling projects without stressing your PC. This means that you can get professional renderings with a typical home computer. You can even continue working as the render is being processed… You can customize both the elevation and direction of the sunlight to control the light and shadows in your rendering. Whether it is virtually staging a room or presenting how a remodeled room might look, a life-like rendering will help the prospective client feel as well as see how the final project will look with Cedar architect 3D.

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