Best Grow Lights for Houseplants

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After hours of hard work, it can be disheartening to come home to find your plants have died. Sorry but these are just the fruits of not providing your indoor plants with sufficient light. If you find yourself in this predicament, you may be tempted to switch to an artificial LED grow light. However, with so many grow lights on the market, choosing the right one for your needs can be hard.

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This post will discuss the four best QUX indoor grow lights available today.

QUX Timer Switch USB LED Plant Grow Lamp Light

The Angel Halo timer switch grow lamp from QUX is medium-sized and proven good for seedling and succulent plants. All three rings have 49 LEDs each, bringing the power consumption to 5 watts. The running temperature is between -15 °C and 40 °C, and the input amperage is between 1-2 a. Angel Halo designed their timer switch grow lamp for longevity since it’s estimated to have a 50000-hour life. In practicality, its illumination spectrum is just 35 cm. A USB plug and three LED rings are included in the complete set. The rings are hooked up to a 19.6-inch acrylic bar and 600 mm power cable with a timer switch. The bigger ring has a complete illumination range of 226 compared to 140 for the small LED ring. Dependent on the light duration needed by your indoor plant, the timer may be set at 8, 12, or 16 hours. Additionally, this light-yellow glow mimics the sun, enabling seedlings and indoor plants to grow. On the other hand, the pinkish glow enables the indoor plants to blossom.

QUX Light Herb Garden Height Adjustable QUX LED grow light

QUX Angel Halo herb garden grow light for indoor plants is estimated to last 50,000 hours. What most users love about this lighting is the easy installation and lower power consumption which sets it apart from other grow lights in the current market. Whether your indoor plants need intense lighting, you may choose to use all three LED heads simultaneously. Each head has 30 light-emitting diodes, which consume about three watts. It only takes an input of 1-2a for the USB plug to power up the entire lighting system. Based on the lighting theme, a pink-whitish glow may be emitted to help your indoor plant blossom. On the other hand, the sunlight-mimicking yellowish glow may be used to raise seedlings. Herbs grow light from the Angel Halo head, are estimated to have an illumination range of 15*35cm and are more efficacious when positioned at 5–15 cm from the indoor plant. Also, the head may be arranged in a zigzag manner or fitted along the 255mm acrylic bar.

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LBW 150 watts full spectrum Grow Light

The LBW indoor Grow Light requires a little room on a tabletop or countertop. It has a tripod platform can be adjusted to modify its height from 16″ to 48″. This LBW lamp may be set up on the floor if preferred or on the table, which allows the gooseneck to face down towards the plants. The construction of the LBW light is straightforward. However, you may need a wrench to secure the nut holding the LED heads to the triple-legged stand, which the supplier provides. The gooseneck on the LBW grows lamp is adjustable, which means you can angle the light in any direction. This is especially useful for illuminating plants from a variety of positions. The LBW grow light is intense when situated 18” above indoor plants. However, it should be noted that this light might not be as intense as the Angel Halo lights. But it may be ideal for seedlings that require weaker light wavelengths. Its red light is ideal for promoting the flowering phase, while the white light helps to stimulate growth. Lastly, the blue glow helps in the production of chlorophyll.

The three-head dimmable Ankace Grow Light

If you’re short on space, the Ankace 60W grow light might be a good option. It doesn’t need too much room and can help improve the lighting for potted plants in a shaded area. The light has three adjustable prongs that can be placed above or along the edge of the plant to distribute the light evenly. In addition to being customizable, you may select red lighting, a bluish glow, or a mix of the two. The Ankace growth lamp has a timer switch, and the option to reduce or intensify the lighting makes it superior. When the 12-hour-on option with a medium brightness level was tested, the light radiated throughout a 3-foot diameter, which is ample space for one indoor plant.

Final thoughts

Angel Halo is there for you whenever you get into an indoor grow light selection limbo. With years of designing their grow lights for efficiency and convenience, they are your best chance in today’s grow lamp market.

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