DIY Pot Plants Using Adhesive Vinyl Transfers

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It’s difficult to make a house feel like a home without adding a couple of potted plants all around. Pot plants give color, character and comfort to any space, not just the home. In the past, the pots were the standard mud-colored brown, and there wasn’t much more to it. But as the years passed, a variety of materials and colors started to emerge and gave the idea of having potted plants in your space a whole new sense of excitement. What is even more exciting now is that you can decorate the pots yourself according to your taste and creativity in a number of ways.
DIY Pot Plants Using Adhesive Vinyl Transfers

Using adhesive vinyl transfers is probably the most exciting way to decorate your plant pots, but how is it done?

Find your design

The first step is to figure out what kind of designs you would like to transfer onto your plant pots. Keep in mind that there are different sizes of pots out there, so you can get as creative as you like. Find the design you like online, and then make sure that you have the correct shape of template to help you place the design on the pot. Remember this is important because the shape of the pot is curved, and having the right template is crucial if you want to get the placement right.

Adhesive Vinyl

Make sure you have a good variety of different sheets of adhesive vinyl. There are plain and also patterned sheets so it’s always a good idea to have a collection to choose from when you’re decorating your plant pots. Don’t forget to get the self-adhesive ones so that they’re easily transferable to your pots. You can easily buy an assortment of these sheets online. The great thing about these sheets is that they can be glossy or matt, but in both cases do not peel off easily so will last for a while.

Diy pot plants using adhesive vinyl transfers - pot

Vinyl Cutter

To have the design that you picked out cut to perfection on the vinyl sheets, you can use a vinyl cutter. These are machines that look like little printers, and it has a blade that is controlled by the computer after you put the design in. There are a variety of vinyl cutters out there, so if you’re uncertain about which kind of cutter to invest in, it’s always a good idea to do some research and check out vinyl cutter reviews so that you make the right decision.

Do it yourself

There’s really nothing more rewarding than creating something with your own two hands and putting your time, effort and creativity into it. You can make these pots for your home, office, as gifts, or you could even give a shot at selling them on platforms such as where you can sell your plant pots online. Having a vinyl cutter will make the whole process so much easier and the end result will look much more professional. It would be a shame if the image you had in your head came out wobbly and badly cut.

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