Choosing the Best Garage Door Type for Your Favorite Vehicle

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The garage door has the main function as a location for storing favorite vehicles. You need to make sure that the car parked in it can be stored safely. There are many factors that must be considered regarding the safety factor of the garage. One of them is related to the garage door.

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The garage door models that you can find are very varied. You can find types of garage doors made of wood or metal materials such as iron or aluminum. Each type of door does have its own advantages. However, which type will provide the best benefits for your favorite vehicle?

Advantages of Metal Garage Doors

Iron and aluminum are the two types of metal most often used for garage door materials. In use, you can choose a door that completely uses metal or a combination. When choosing this door material, you will also get three main benefits, namely:

  1. Durable and Long Lasting

Metal is one type of material that has a high level of resistance. You don’t need to worry about the door being damaged quickly even though it is often exposed to heat and rain. In addition, metal is a type of material that is not easily damaged by shock or impact. The durability of metal materials can last a very long time, especially if you take good care of them. How to care for it is also very easy. You can do metal garage door repair simply by washing them with water. In addition, it is also relatively easy to clean stains on the surface. After washing, make sure the garage door is kept dry. With this method of maintenance, the metal garage door can look good even though it is several years old. The color also holds up well for a long period of time. In general, the coating and coloring of this type of door uses a powder coating technique for optimal results.

  1. Elegant and Modern

The use of metal garage doors provides benefits in getting an elegant and modern impression on the appearance of the house. What’s more, the powder coating technique on metal garage doors gives you flexibility in choosing colors. There are various color choices, from white (bright), gray, brown, to black (dark). White is often the color of choice to give a modern impression. The charcoal gray color is usually chosen for a modern minimalist or contemporary look. Apart from that, you can also add various motifs to make it look more elegant. The combination of elegance and modernity makes this type of door often used in luxury homes.

  1. Flexible

Metal material also provides convenience related to the flexibility of its use. You can choose an iron door in a wide selection of models as you wish. The appearance model is very varied, such as doors for Mediterranean, contemporary, minimalist style houses, and so on. The use of laser cutting techniques also gives more freedom in the door model selection process. This technique is done with the help of a computer so that it is able to cut very complicated patterns accurately and precisely. That way, you can be creative freely.

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Advantages of Wooden Garage Doors

As with metal garage doors, the use of wood materials also offers its own advantages. There are three main advantages that you can get when making a choice on a wooden garage door, namely:

  1. Presents Natural Shades

If an iron door offers a modern impression, it’s different from a wooden garage door. The use of natural materials makes the atmosphere of the house look natural. Plus, the use of wood material also gives a classic impression. This benefit is of course very important, especially in the tropics. In addition to giving a natural impression in the house, using a garage door made of wood also promises an appearance that is no less elegant. Wood is a material that is very easy to modify. Therefore, you have the consideration to beautify the appearance of the door with various carvings, ranging from simple carvings to complex motifs.

  1. Not Easily Damaged

Generally, wood does have a lower level of resistance than iron. However, the situation will be different if you use high-quality wood that has undergone processing so that it lasts. Thanks to this processing, wooden doors are not easily weathered. You also don’t need to worry about termite attacks after the material has been properly processed. Apart from that, its high durability also makes this wooden garage door more resistant to changes in the weather.

  1. Budget Adjustable Prices

The next advantage, you can adjust the use of wooden doors according to financial conditions. In general, the price of good wood material is relatively more expensive than iron. The price depends on the type and level of rarity. With so many choices of wood types on the market, you can choose according to your budget. By considering the advantages of each, you can also make the decision to use a garage door made of wood or metal.

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