Best Air Compressors

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Air compressors range from small portable models to large 60-gallon tanks. Portable models are used for inflating bike tires, car tires, or sporting equipment. Larger compressors can supply continuous air pressure for things like big spray painting projects. If you require an air compressor to power a nail gun, paint a gate, or top up tires, these are the best options.

Best Air Compressors in 2022

Before buying a compressor, it’s important to take your time and learn about their essential features. These factors should entirely depend on the intended usage and project. Compressors are mainly grouped into two categories: gas-powered and electric-powered.


They are more significant compared to their electric counterparts and produce more horsepower (HP), more cubic feet per minute (CFM), and more pounds per square inch (PSI). Their enormous size is quite challenging to transport, but you can use them anywhere without requiring an electrical outlet.


These compressors are much smaller and mobile, as long as an electrical source like a generator, battery, or an outlet exists. Electric compressors are quieter than gas-powered air compressors. They are versatile enough to carry out DIY tasks like fastening trim using a finish nailer, and they use significantly less power. Choosing between these two air compressors is entirely dependent on the intended use. Most households purchase electric-powered compressors since electrical outlets are available within a house setting. Professional roofers and painters typically prefer gas air compressors.

Best Air Compressors in 2022 - air gun

Here is a list of top brands to consider when buying a compressor:

Craftsman Air Compressor, 6 Gallon

Craftsman 6 gallon produces up to 150 PSI using its 0.8 horsepower motor. This small electric compressor has a 2.6 CFM refill rate. It quickly refills enough volume for pneumatic tools like air hammers, wrenches, and nail guns. The Craftsman air compressor comes with a 13-piece accessory kit which includes a tire gauge, tire chuck, and a 25-foot air hose. Carrying it from one site to the next is easy because it’s lightweight. The oil-free compressor is best for inflating, fastening, small spray painting jobs, drilling, cutting, and automotive repairs. Though it has two outlets for hooking two different tools simultaneously, it does not provide enough volume to run both of them at once.

California Air Tools 1P1060S Portable Compressor

It is a hot dog-shaped lightweight compressor easy to carry from one job to another. This compressor has very minimal noise making it safe for indoor use. You can inflate tires with it or power nail guns. The 1-gallon tank does not provide enough air for painting, grinding, or sanding.

EPAuto 12v DC Compressor Pump

This model can give up to 70 PSI at a refill rate of 1.06 CFM. It cannot power sprayers, nail guns, staplers, or other pneumatic tools. However, it’s the best companion for a roadside emergency. You can use it to inflate bike tires, balls, vehicle tires, and any other mid-size inflatables. It pushes compressed air into the hose directly because it has no storage tank. An EPAuto 12v DC compressor pump comes with a built-in flashlight that drivers may use to warn oncoming traffic of their stalled vehicle or to locate tire valves.

Bostitch Compressor Combo Kit

Fastening materials together with a stapler, ratchet, or nailer, especially in production, requires a lot of air. Though it is medium-sized, the Bostitch compressor combo comes with a 0.9-HP motor that can fuel air-hungry pneumatic tools. It comes with a straight-finish nailer, a brad nailer, a 15-foot hose, and a stapler. It is slightly expensive compared with other air compressors in its class, but these added tools justify the cost.

California Air Tools 10020C Quiet Compressor

Spray painters require compressors with large tanks and enough power to produce continuous pressurized air. This compressor comes with a 2-HP electric motor producing up to 125 PSI, sufficient for a spray painter. Users are guaranteed a seamless spray painting session with a 10-gallon tank refilling at 5.3 CFM. It has wheels to facilitate moving it around though its large size may make the movement challenging.

Different models of air compressors serve different purposes. That’s why a reliable air compressor expert will always advise you to consider portability, reliability, and task size before buying one.

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