What are the Benefits of Using a Removals Company?

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After completing the purchase of a new home you may start thinking about how you plan on moving all your belongings from one house to the next. And while it may be suitable for you to complete this process on your own, a great deal of the heavy-lifting and logistics can be taken care of by a removals company.

What are the Benefits of Using a Removals Company

In this article, I’ll outline some of the benefits of using a removals company to look after the entire moving process.

Finding a Trusted Company

Firstly, be sure that you’re employing a professional and accredited service provider, like London Removals. In the UK it’s easy to identify quality companies thanks not only to google reviews and testimonials but more importantly thanks to certification from the British Association of Removers (BAR). At Yeates, we’re proud to be an accredited service provider and within the UK this certificate will give you peace of mind when searching for a trusted and accredited company.

Protection and Care

Once you’ve chosen to employ a professional company, the staff will be highly trained to ensure seamless and efficient packing and moving. If you opt for the packing service, they will pack all your belongings safely and securely in a professional and friendly manner. Using packing paper, reinforced boxes and loading the trucks with care and skill; the removal staff will ensure a successful moving experience to your new house. If you’re at all hesitant about allowing your personal and valuable possessions to be moved, there’s also the option to insure your belongings. Everything is carefully considered by the removals company to make sure that your moving day is as uncomplicated and straightforward as possible.

The Heavy-Lifting

This is an area where you often hear a few horror stories about people hurting themselves trying to navigate large and heavy objects into a truck by themselves. By employing a removals company you’re ensuring that well-trained and capable staff are there to handle all of the heavy lifting. Lifting and navigating heavy items of furniture or kitchen appliances for instance can be very troublesome which is why employing a removals company is such a great idea. The removals staff know how to manoeuvre stairs and small doorways to ensure a safe move without damaging property or the item in question.

What are the Benefits of Using a Removals Company - packing

It’s not only their skill for moving large items but also with knowledge and experience comes speed. There don’t need to be second trips when using a removals service as the spacious removals truck will no doubt be able to fit all of your possessions. A lot of companies, in fact, have a variety of vehicles to accommodate whatever load is required.

Special Requests

As mentioned above, there’s a great variety of people seeking different options for moving home, some with a lot of equipment to move and some with a van’s worth. No move is ever the same which, of course, the removals companies know and understand; they’re more than willing to find a solution to whatever special request you might have. For instance certain large objects may require dismantling and reassembling or fragile items packed and moved with utmost care – all of these requests can be accommodated. Always let the company know ahead of time with any particular requirements in order that they can be dealt with effectively.

Local Area Knowledge

An established removals company will no doubt have extensive knowledge of the area in which they operate. Just for an example, at Yeates we have over 100 years of practical experience and knowledge of operating in the southwest of England. For that reason, employing a removals company adds that extra layer of reassurance and confidence that may be needed on moving day. Local area knowledge is also beneficial for finding the best and most accessible routes from A to B. The stress of moving can be compounded if you are unfamiliar with the destination. Not only can a professional company move everything but also they’re evidently very familiar with the area and getting around it. This is another factor that is often overlooked when considering employing a removals company but it’s another part of the undertaking that is fulfilled by the company and doesn’t require any planning on your behalf.

Hopefully this article has served to give an insight into the fantastic advantages of using a removals company when moving home. Their expertise and professionalism will undoubtedly make the whole experience much more comfortable and stress-free. And as I previously mentioned, special requests can always be accommodated so be sure to enquire with the company beforehand to find a solution.

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