Top 10 Benefits of Steam Carpet Cleaning

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What Steam Cleaning Has To Offer?

Most people don’t really give too much thought to the cleaning method used on their carpets, when in fact they should. The method chosen will determine just how clean your carpet will be. Here is what steam cleaning can offer you.

Top 10 Benefits of Steam Carpet Cleaning

1. It Kills Bacteria, Viruses, and Pests

Bacteria and viruses cannot survive at higher temperatures, and this is exactly what steam cleaning is based on. If you are worried about any living organisms or pests living in your carpet, then steam carpet cleaning service from can put an end to them. This includes bacteria, viruses, bed bugs, fleas, and many more bugs that like to hide in your carpets.

2. It’s an Eco-Friendly Option

Steam cleaning does not use much detergent in order to clean your carpets. In fact, only a very small amount of detergent is used, as the main cleaning factor is the steam itself. This not only makes it an eco-friendly option but also a friend of your senses. Since it doesn’t leave any smells or chemical residue behind, then it won’t trigger any chemical-based allergies either.

3. It Removes Pet Odour

If your pets peed on your carpet or they somehow made your living room smell like a zoo, then you may want to opt for steam carpet cleaning to remove these odour-causing contaminants. This includes urine and other nasty smells that are lingering at the bottom of your carpet. Steam cleaning can go deep, which will make your carpet smell all nice and fresh.

4. It Dries Quickly Enough

Since this technology will be using steam in order to clean your carpets, this means that your carpets will not get soaked. With good ventilation, the carpet can take less than 3 hours to dry fully. It may take slightly longer to dry as compared to dry cleaning, but it still takes less as compared to traditional shampooing methods. If you steam clean the carpet straight in the room, make sure that you leave the windows and doors open for the air to pass through.

Top 10 Benefits of Steam Carpet Cleaning - steam carpet cleaner

5. It Prevents Growth of Mould and Mildew

Moist and dirt that are stuck in your carpets can attract mould and mildew. While this method uses hot water and steam, the moisture doesn’t stick long to your carpets, allowing them to dry fairly quickly. Plus, the high temperature will kill the spores causing mould and mildew growth, cutting away the problem straight from the source.

6. It Can Save Money

Since the main “ingredient” here is steam, you will not have to spend any money on fancy chemicals. The most you’d have to pay for is to hire a professional or rent the steam cleaning unit yourself. You can also make an initial investment and buy a steam cleaning unit, which can save even more money in the long run. However, hiring a professional will ensure the steam cleaning is done as efficiently as possible.

7. It Gets Rid of Difficult Stains

When you have a difficult stain to deal with, you are at a loss for what you can do. Your regular carpet shampoo doesn’t work, and you’re afraid that a stronger chemical will ruin the carpet. This is where steam carpet cleaning becomes helpful. The hot steam weakens the bond that the dirt has to the fibre of the carpet, allowing the stain and dirt to dislodge. This will lead to a clean and stain-free carpet.

Top 10 Benefits of Steam Carpet Cleaning - steam cleaner

8. It Removes Allergens

Steam cleaning can sanitise your carpets, and this includes allergen removal. If you have allergens stuck in your carpets such as bug droppings, fungus, mould, and other allergy-causing particles, then steam cleaning may remove them. This will help improve your breathing as well.

9. It Increases the Longevity of the Carpet

Nowadays, carpets are made to be high-performance, which means that they shouldn’t be worn easily. Still, time tells its story on anything, including your carpet. The more you walk over it, and the more dirt and bacteria it attracts, the likelier it will be that the carpet will lose its original beauty. Steam cleaning can help prolong that longevity.

10. It Improves the Looks of Your Carpet

With steam carpet cleaning, your carpets will look significantly better. Steam can efficiently remove the dirt and may bring the old colours of your carpet back to life. Since no dangerous chemicals will be used to clean the carpet, there won’t be any fraying or chemical yellowish feel to it. It will just look and feel clean, like when you just purchased it.

The Bottom Line

Steam cleaning is a good way to take care of your carpets. With its ability to disinfect and to address even the more difficult stains, it is an option chosen by many homeowners. It is also an eco-friendly method, making it appropriate for our times.

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