Top 10 benefits of high pressure cleaning

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Have you been thinking about purchasing a high pressure cleaner for your home, but not sure if it’s worth the money, after all, what can a high pressure cleaner do that a hose can’t? According to Gold Coast high pressure cleaning specialists Wallys Master Blaster, a industrial grade cleaner is more effective than domestic pressure cleaners and removes more than just the initial top layer of dirt and dust, while deeply embedded dirt and stains can also be removed. It’s controlled water pressure that provides a deep clean and improves the appearance of the object you are cleaning by removing mud, dust, grime, algae and other residues.

pressure washing driveway

High pressure cleaning is suitable for removing dirt, grime and algae from driveways, patios, gutters, roofs, decks, pathways, fences, house exteriors, retaining walls, pools and surrounds, house eaves, jetties and pontoons, awnings and shades, solar panels, concrete slabs and more.

10 benefits of high pressure cleaning include:

Improve the look of your home

There’s no denying the difference high pressure cleaning makes to dirty surfaces. Cleaning your driveway, roof, gutters, pathways and house exterior can drastically improve the appearance of your home and make it look new again.

Keep your home safe

Concrete driveways, pathways and slabs can be slippery when covered with dirt and algae. Dirt and grime is also a great breeding ground for bacteria which can be harmful to your family’s health. Spores can grow and spread through your house and cause illness. High pressure cleaning will remove dirt and algae and make concrete surfaces safer to walk on. Pressure cleaning is also a great way to remove harmful bacteria, pollen or dust to reduce allergies.

Save money

We all know looking after things increases their durability and longevity. Looking after your driveways, pathways, shade cloths/awnings and exterior of your home can stop further damage and save you money. Algae, mould, dirt and grime can start to erode the surface of driveways over time, resulting in expensive replacement costs. Regular pressure cleaning will help stop this erosion and save you thousands of dollars in the long run.

pressure washing deck

Save time    

High pressure cleaning is a very efficient and versatile cleaning method. Compared to cleaning with a hose, brush or other cleaning chemicals by hand, high pressure cleaning is fast and will save you time.

Pressure cleaning is suitable for a range of surfaces including:

  • House exteriors.
  • Colourbond and tiled roofs.
  • Paths, pool surrounds and patios.
  • Driveways.
  • Shade sails, PVC umbrellas and pergolas.
  • Tennis courts.
  • House eaves.
  • Brick and rendered walls.
  • Boat ramps and pontoons.
  • Pavers.
  • Solar panels.

Improve the resale value of your home

Want your home to look amazing before you put it on the market? High pressure cleaning will ensure it’s looking clean and fresh and all dirt and grime is removed before showing your property off to potential buyers.

Save water

Yes, it might seem strange, but high pressure cleaning actually saves water. Because of the high flow rate, water is released at a greater speed which cleans in a shorter amount of time. When cleaning by hand you will most probably use more water when soaking, scrubbing and rinsing the space.

Pet and child friendly   

Unlike some chemicals, high pressure cleaning is both pet and child friendly. There’s no need to expose your family to harmful cleaning products, high pressure cleaners naturally blast away the dirt and germs.

A sense of accomplishment

We can’t forget to mention how good you’ll feel after high pressure cleaning! There’s nothing quite like stepping back to take a look at the result. On dirty surfaces, the effect is dramatic and you’ll notice a huge difference. Due to the many benefits, high pressure cleaning is a great way to remove dirt and grime quickly and efficiently. It’s so versatile and can help you keep many areas of your home clean. Whether you’re selling, or just doing a spring clean, a high pressure cleaner is a must-have for the modern-day handyman.

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    It’s good that you mentioned that pressure washing can be used on a variety of surfaces. This covered brick and rendered walls as well as the exteriors of houses, as you indicated. I’ll be sure to share this with my cousin because she has been preparing to get a pressure washer. I’ll also look into stores that can assist her in finding the ideal one for her requirements. I appreciate you sharing!

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