Eco-Friendly Spring Cleaning Tips From the Experts

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Whether you live in an urban center or the countryside, a spring cleaning is a great opportunity to redefine your home living experience. With growing concern over record CO2 emissions, surprise natural disasters, and pollution of all kinds, any well-reasoned homeowner or tenant owes it to themselves to switch up their habits for a better and more sustainable lifestyle.

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In that spirit, we’ve gathered a few expert-approved spring cleaning tips that will make your home a more eco-friendly environment.

1.  Ban Single-Use Items

It’s a recorded fact that humanity has never produced more waste than in the last 40 years. This largely owes to our consumption habits and reliance on single-use items such as plastic bottles, cups, and bags, also paper towels, diapers, and more. So, in an effort not to aggravate the waste crisis, look for suitable alternatives to these products that not only trash the planet but feed our dependency on fossil fuels as well.

2.  Choose Green-Label Cleaning Products

Besides helping you eliminate plastic containers from your home, switching to sustainable, biodegradable, and non-toxic cleaning products is guaranteed to cleanse your living space of all harmful chemicals. Even better, you can make your own with simple ingredients such as vinegar, lemon, and baking soda. It’s bound to reduce your monthly shopping bill, too.

3.  Declutter Your Home

Want to get rid of things you no longer need? Performing a thorough declutter is an excellent way to take stock of everything, reorganize your rooms, and dispose of unnecessary belongings. If you’re an Australian resident looking for the same day skip bin hire, there are plenty of reliable providers who will help out with the clean-up process. No matter the size of the project, be sure to conduct enough research to enlist someone for a successful home declutter.

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4.  Recycle, Compost, Repurpose

Another superb way to adopt an eco-friendly lifestyle is getting into the habit of recycling your residential waste. Separate your plastics, glass, and organic matters in dedicated bins. If you cook a lot for your family, discard your kitchen waste in a compost bin. Also, think about how you can repurpose various things around your house instead of throwing them away, such as old clothes or small furniture.

5.  Hang-Dry Your Laundry

It’s no secret that home appliances consume monstrous amounts of energy. And with rampant inflation, you simply can’t keep up with certain wasteful habits. So, to avoid depleting the planet’s resources and reduce your utility bills, air out your laundry (clothes, bedding towels) naturally by taking advantage of nice weather, instead of popping them in the dryer. There may be restrictions if you live in an apartment, so check your local urban code first.

6.  Bring Nature In

If you’re looking for ways to purify your air quality indoors, know that natural plants do a great job of it. Rather than spray toxic chemicals around, introduce greeneries of various species and sizes to your interior. Their natural purification properties will keep your space clean and safe while adding lively colors and texture.

All things considered, a yearly spring cleaning might just be what your home needs to recenter your priorities. If you’ve been wanting to take steps to make your house or apartment more eco-friendly, these useful pointers will be a great starting point. Who knows, perhaps you’ll even consider a zero-waste lifestyle down the road!

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