6 Important Considerations Before Installing an Air Conditioner in Your Home

Even though we don’t pay too much attention to them, AC systems have a tremendous impact on our lives. Putting aside the fact they practically make or break indoor air quality, HVAC systems present one of the most notable energy consumers in any household.  Keeping in mind we are living in the times when we are making a shift toward a more sustainable society and renewable energy resources, these concerns force us to give these important systems due attention. Although air conditioners are great you need to pay attention to few things before installing an air conditioner in your home.

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So, if you are moving into a new apartment or having to replace your old AC unit, don’t brush over this issue. Let us go through a couple of considerations that will help you find the product that will be the best fit for your household and present the most sustainable solution.

The type of the AC unit

Air conditioning units come in a vast array of different shapes, sizes, and operating modes.  The choices you are going to make in this regard will have a great impact on your unit’s performance and associated energy expenditure. Ranging from more robust central AC units capable of managing the entire household but requiring complex installation to more common ductless units and even mini window-mounted AC units that are perfect for cooling smaller rooms, modern AC systems give you more than enough options to play with. Your job is to do your homework and make an educated pick.

The unit’s operating costs

By that, we don’t only mean the unit’s energy consumption. Still, energy efficiency should be one of your greatest priorities. The proper choice of solar panels can go a long way in making your home more sustainable, but even with these units on your roof, you don’t have a carte blanche in regard to the selection of household systems and devices. What are the other issues to keep on your radar? Well, the AC units also use Freon and air filters and need to be regularly serviced. A short research on these topics will help you to make a choice that will make the most financial sense in the long term.

Maintenance and spare parts

We briefly touched upon this issue in the previous section but maintenance is such a complex issue we would like to cover it in more depth here. So, an experienced air conditioning repair service can have a great impact on your unit’s performance, efficiency, and life expectancy. However, not all brands are equally adopted or have widely distributed spare parts. That is why, before making any final decision on the brand or the model, you should inquire about the local maintenance network. Getting in touch with the seasoned AC repairman early on will also make subsequent interventions much simpler.

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Special features and smart functions

Once again the options you have on the table are incredibly diverse and cover all sorts of functions ranging from fan speed to thermostat features. All these quirks will have an influence on your unit’s performance and, ultimately, energy consumption. But, we suggest that you focus your search on the smart features. Smart self-regulating thermostats, remote controls, and closer integration with other smart household systems definitely make the top of this list. Smart homes have proved to be great assets in reducing the carbon footprint and AC units make a good place to start the overhaul.

Local incentives and rebates

Depending on the area where you live they can prove to be quite substantial. We have seen times and again that these rebates can help you buy a solar system or make your home energy efficient. Well, these rebates can cover energy-efficient appliances. For instance, the UK government has, last year, announced £6 billion of financial help allocated for cutting energy bills. This help should be able to cover around a million families and hundreds of small businesses. So, various rebates and incentives are definitely present across the globe. You only need to do your homework to find them.

Freon consumption

The struggle for a sustainable society is not limited only to the reduction of global energy consumption. Any practice or resource that is harmful to the environment should be eliminated as well. So, it shouldn’t come as a surprise that Freon is pretty much phasing out as a refrigerant. In the USA its use has been forbidden ever since January 2020. So, when choosing the unit, try to buy models that were produced after this date. Out of the remaining options, you should choose the units using R-410A. This non-ozone-depleting refrigerant product is eco-friendly and packs best energy efficiency.

Final word

Well, we hope these couple of considerations will help you when you set out to find your new AC unit. Choosing an air conditioner looks like a reasonably easy task. But, keeping in mind all the choices we have on the table and the consequences they might entail, even this simple purchase requires a very careful approach. Sure, you might not feel the effects immediately but the long-term expenses and impact on your health will be more than noticeable. So, approach this challenge with the necessary care and attention. Your household can only benefit from your efforts.

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