What You Must Know About Your AC System

Summer is right the corner and you are getting ready to beat the heat. It sure sounds fun when you dash and flash in the water, getting all drenched in the fun while kicking the ball to the sun. Once you are done with all the play and fun, what is one thing you expect when you reach home? You sure want to be welcomed in the chilly cool house, to get you reenergized to blast again the next day.

What You Must Know About Your AC System

This is why the air conditioner is important to keep you and your house cool and comfortable. Also, summer is not the right days for any air conditioner problems, as it will become impossible to beat the heat. So, to help you stay chill and calm during the sultry days, make sure you schedule air conditioning services Jacksonville, FL before the start of summer. One such firm that offers extraordinary AC services and solutions is Indoor Comfort, taking absolute care of all AC needs.

The HVAC is a compound system that is relied on the AC unit, furnace, ductwork system, humidity level, air quality, and vents that control the indoor temperature of your house. if there is an issue with the air conditioner, it may because of some problems with any of these components. If attended early, repairing and replacement are possible, but if ignored, it will lead to major serious problems.

It is always a good idea to have little knowledge of your air conditioner. This way you will have some idea about the system and when there is any problem, you can check out yourself. Though you will require help from the professionals doing best air conditioning services Jacksonville, FL, knowing about your system will help you in the long road.


The thermostat regulates the indoor temperature of your house. it is a simple process where you will just have to set it to your preferred temperature and the device will work to keep your home at the desired temperature. A programmable thermostat is considered as the best option if you are spending most of the time outside your house. This saves energy and cost. While in the case of a smart thermostat, it comes with added features. It studies the family activities and sets the temperature accordingly. Thanks to the thermostat, you will always be welcomed in a cool and comfortable home.

Condenser Coil

The condenser coil is seen on the unit’s exterior part. It is designed for small metal fins. The pipes carry the heated refrigerant gas which travels from the compressor, through the condenser coil and releases the heat. The refrigerant then travels back to the evaporator. To ensure your system works in the best condition, you must keep the condenser coil clean. This will ensure smooth airflow through the tiny metal fins.


The compressor is attached to the unit which is fixed outside your house along with A/C contractor, condenser fan, A/C capacitor, condenser coil, and other related parts. The compressor takes its place inside the unit. Its work is to accumulate heat from the refrigerant and then disperse to the condenser coil. The refrigerant exists as liquid and gas, which heats the interior of the house, which then takes the gas form and proceed through the compressor. The heat is turned liquid here and is released outside. It is a very important part of the air conditioner and must be kept clean from all kinds of dust and debris.

What You Must Know About Your AC System - window AC


The evaporator is fixed close to the furnace. From the evaporator, the refrigerant travels through the narrow pipe. It cools the air and takes the heat from the house outside to the condenser coil. The high pressured refrigerant gas is transformed into low pressured liquid in the evaporator.

Air Handler and Blower Unit

They are the prime components that draw the air into the system. The outdoor warm air is dispersed by way of the condenser coil and the inside cool air through the duct system. Few may think both are the same component but they are different and perform a different operation. The above five are the main components of the air conditioner. Having a little knowledge about these will help you take care of your system in a better and functional way.

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