All you need to know about bedroom platform beds before purchasing them

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The bedroom platform beds consist of an elevated, rectangular frame made with wood, and the primary purpose of the platform beds is to support the bed. Apart from considering the aesthetics of a platform bed for bedroom also has different styles and materials which complete the project. An average person in NYC sleeps eight hours on a bed daily. It is therefore making the platforms beds in NYC critical application based furniture in a home. When the selection is to hunt such important furniture for a bedroom, it must go through certain factors before finalizing a purchase.

All you need to know about bedroom platform beds before purchasing them

Here is a complete guide for all the people who are hunting for a platform bed for their new home or while renovating the existing one. To experience the highest grades of quality while buying a platform bed read on.

What is a platform bed, and how to purchase one?

As discussed prior, a platform bed is a rectangular frame to support a mattress without any intrusion of a box-spring. The platform beds are not like box-spring beds and are low on the ground raising the height of the mattress for about 12 inches.  People who want their bed to have some more height can use platform beds which can combine with box-spring frame-work. Using platform beds can be a convenient option, and the vibrant colours and styles can help in leavening the décor of the bedroom.

The three-main steps to keep in mind while purchasing platform beds are, 

  • Finding the right type of platform bed 
  • Hunting for an accurate surface for the selected platform bed and 
  • Choosing the material for the platform bed 

Finding the right type of platform bed 

  1. Zero-ground clearance solid platform bed 

People who aren’t planning to store anything underneath their bed can go with a zero-ground clearance bed frame. Platform beds which offer zero-ground place don’t provide any space underneath making them aesthetic and cosy.

  1. What about floating platform bed concepts?

With the modern generation showing love for contemporary concepts, the floating bed can fit into any bedroom. The floating beds have support at the center which creates an illusion that the bed is floating in the air. The floating beds also don’t provide any storage space underneath.

  1. Platform bed with storage space 

Finally, we got a platform bed type that offers a bit of room for some goodies to store. One can create some secret cabinets in the platform beds to keep their toys or books which they aren’t willing to share with someone else. The platform bed with storage is the best option for all the people living in NJ. Due to small bedrooms, the storage platform beds NJ can be a perfect option to store some essential things in the bedroom.

  1. Headboard and footboard platform bed concepts 

People who want a traditional platform bed can select a platform bed with head support and footboard. The only concern with this type of platform bed is it offers no space to box-spring bed. Therefore one must compromise with the ground level of the bed.

  1. The impact of the weight of the mattress on the platform bed 

People who already own a bedroom mattress will find it easy to purchase a new platform bed framework. People purchasing a full-size mattress can go with a double bed frame while the ones with queen and king size must select a larger type of the platform bed framework. One must also understand the differences between various types of beds which can help them in accessing their purchase. For example, a Californian or a western kind of king size mattress is not the same as an eastern king or any other counter-part. People purchasing a bed from scratch can find a foundation based on the available space in the room. One must also buy beds that provide comfort to the user. One can also purchase platform beds with storage options that can prove handy while shopping for a platform bed in a small bedroom.

  1. Double the quantities while purchasing for kids or guest rooms 

One can select a platform bed with couch facilities as it can be a comfortable option to make work from the office environment when kids and guest are away from the room. One can also purchase expandable beds which can provide room for a large number of guests or friends of kids for a night stay. One has to adopt cost-saving ideas and must be innovative while designing rooms for kids to avoid complaints later from the lovely partners of the home. Also, try to select durable material for a framework to prevent injuries as kids love to jump and bounce on new beds.

All you need to know about bedroom platform beds before purchasing them - platform bed

What is the best surface for a platform bed? 

  1. Wooden surface

The slated surface or wooden surface has wooden slates at the base which can offer air-flow to a mattress. People who are selecting a foam mattress can pick wooden slates as a base.

  1. Metal frame 

Metal frame-work at the surface can withstand the pressure of box-spring apart from holding a king-size bed. The metal surface is also durable when compared with the wooden slates.

  1. Solid or ground surface 

Possibly, a solid surface or the ground is the best surface for a platform bed. The only concern with a solid base is it does not provide air-flow to the mattress but can still create a comfortable environment for a perfect sleep.

The best material for platform beds 

  1. Metal 

People who want a modern platform bed can select metal as it is durable and affordable. The metal will not fade with time like wood or any other material.

  1. Upholstered 

The upholstery material is the best option for all the bedroom owners who want to experience luxury and to enjoy comfort at its best. We recommend not using upholstered in rooms with sunlight as it can fade material.

  1. Wood 

Wood is the best material to use for platform beds due to its compatibility with both modern and traditional concepts. Wood has an everlasting trend, but it can become difficult to move them during a cleaning session. One can also get the best platform beds online from reputed sellers, and most of them also offer platform beds with free-shipping. One can find the right style or material by researching their need with a fixed-budget in their mind.

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