How Changing Your Pillow Can Change Your Life

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From round to square, fluffy to solid, home-based to portable; pillows come in a myriad of shapes, materials, and sizes. At the first glance, it may seem that this variation exists to satisfy the tastes of different people, but that is only partly true. There’s so much more to pillows than personal tastes; it’s no exaggeration when we tell you that changing your pillow can completely transform your life.

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Feeling skeptical? We’re about to let you in on a whole new world. 

How Changing Your Pillow Can Change Your Life

Do you often struggle to sleep? Do you wake up with pain, headache, or a general inexplicable sour mood? Chances are, your pillow is to blame. Here’s how changing your pillow can change your life. 

Pain Relief

It comes down to the anatomy of your body. The spinal cord starts at the base of your neck and extends until the end of your back. This spinal cord is the origin of all the nerves in your body, so any pressure exerted on it at a wrong angle will definitely result in ramifications, often experienced as nerve pain. The spinal cord is protected inside the vertebral column (bones), and surrounding it are muscles. Wrong sleeping postures can result in pain across different positions. If you fail to keep the spine at a neutral position, as it is in the case of sleeping with your neck elevated too high or lowered too much, you’ll wake up with neck pain. If the muscles surrounding the neck are kept at the wrong position for too long, you’ll wake up with cramps and headaches. You may even wake up with hip pain without realizing the culprit. The simplest fix to all of these issues is to get a quality pillow that holds your neck and body in the proper place. 

Quality Sleep

While the most important use of a pillow is to avoid pain and, in the long term, injury, most people choose their pillow based on the comfort they provide. When looking into top choices, it’s obvious why hotels have set the bar pretty high. After all, there’s nothing more comfortable than a hotel’s pillow, and that’s why you can always sleep soundly in a hotel regardless of the circumstances. There’s no reason why you shouldn’t get the same sleep quality from the comfort of your home; luxurious pillows made from plush gel and feathers can do a wonderful job at that. Although they can be pricier than other options, you’ll never have to spend a sleepless night again or wake up feeling you hadn’t slept for a wink. 

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Therapeutic Uses

In addition to comfort, some pillows have therapeutic uses. This is the case with orthopedic pillows that are often recommended by doctors, physical therapists, and chiropractors alike. Most orthopedic pillows are made from memory foam and microfiber; these substances allow the pillow to take the shape of the neck while providing sufficient support throughout the sleep duration. The size, shape, and firmness of the pillow and Pillow Protector will mainly depend on your therapeutic needs and sleeping habits, that’s why you’ll need to visit your physician for the best recommendation. When used right, orthopedic pillows can help in healing injuries and promoting recovery. 

Accommodate Your Sleeping Position 

Being different is a basic principle in human nature, and sleeping is no different. You’ll never find two people who have the same sleeping habits or positions. That’s why what could work for your partner may leave you waking up with a sour mood. You’ll need to accommodate your own sleeping position by adding proper supporting pillows. These pillows will vary depending on whether you sleep on your back, side, stomach, or all of the above. 


Finally, the right pillow will add a lot of practicality to your life. If you constantly struggle in cleaning your pillows, you’d better opt for one that’s easily cleaned without losing its structure or firmness. One great example of such a pillow is memory foam; you can easily and practically clean it in a washing machine and have it as good as new. You can further accelerate its drying process by an air dryer, after which it takes its original shape once more. There comes a time when you just know: you need to change your pillow. Maybe you’re constantly waking up with back and neck pain, struggling in falling asleep, your pillow has lost its shape, or it’s becoming very difficult to keep your pillow clean. You’ll find a lot of options, but the best pillow is the one that can address and satisfy your needs. 

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