Bathtub Refinishing: Is It Worth It?

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Bathing is an activity that uplifts the overwhelmed mind and refreshes the wasted body. After a long tiresome day, you want to relax in a bubble bath. However, as you walk into your bathroom, you remember that your bathtub is not in the best of conditions. You quickly start thinking of options you have and some part of you tells you to head out to the nearest store and buy a new bathtub.

Bathtub Refinishing

However, you remember you could invest in bathtub refinishing and hold on to your precious bathtub that probably holds your memories. In case you are in this dilemma then you are lucky! This article provides a guideline to help you settle the dilemma of ascertaining whether bathtub refinishing is worth it.

What are the options?

When you have an old, stained, and ugly bathtub we can all agree that there is something that needs to be done. Two options available are buying a new bathtub and bathtub refinishing. The first option to purchase a new bathtub is simple as you only need to get a contractor and after making payments you will have a new bathtub in no time.

However, what happens if for some reason you want to hold on to your bathtub? Here is where bathtub reglazing comes in. Bathtub reglazing is also known as bathtub refinishing and is a maintenance procedure to get rid of the stain and other imperfections. The makeover process makes the bathtub look as good as new.

When do you Opt for Bathtub Refinishing?

If your bathtub is in a fairly good condition to be thrown away but needs some adjustments, then you opt for bathtub refinishing. This is because the main objective of bathtub refinishing is to restore your bathtub into proper working conditions through a cosmetic makeover.

Basically what happens is that a bathtub professional comes and sands down the bathtub surface. You can get a professional to undertake to refinish on this website The sanding is meant to eradicate stains and scratches. Once the bathtub has been sanded, cracks and chips are filled. The bathtub then gets a coat of primer and paint. After this process, the bathtub can get slightly polishing and get back to shiny old days.

Bathtub Refinishing is only applicable in situations when the bathtub is not in good working condition but it is still worth being kept. The following are conditions that will prompt you to undertake bathtub refinishing:

1.    Slight Scratches

In case the bathtub only has shallow scratches and slight cracks, then it can be saved. The procedure described above will be undertaken and the bathtub will be as good as new. Just ensure the cracks don’t cause any leaks.

2.    Stains

Bathtubs are bound to get stains even if you clean them regularly; though not cleaning them aggregates staining. Sanding and repainting can deal with the stain issue.

3.    Low Budget

If you are on a tight budget and your bathtub is in a bad shape, you will have to opt for the cheaper option. In this case, refinishing is cheaper as compared to purchasing a new bathtub.

Bathtub Refinishing - before and after

Opting for a New Bathtub

There are times when you realize that the damage to the existing bathtub is beyond repair. The following are signs that you should go for a new bathtub:

1.    Old Bathtub

If the bathtub is older than your great grandparents, it is time to get rid of it even if it works well. This is because if your bathtub is old, you will replace it soon and as a result, there is no need to invest in refinishing.

2.    Major Leaks

If the bathtub has huge cracks that lead to major leaks just get rid of it. Refinishing will just cost more and at the end of the day, a new bathtub will be needed.

3.    Regular Repairs

If a bathtub requires repairs after a short period, then it is better to get rid of it then continuing with the repairs.

4.    Mildew and Mold

If your bathtub ever grows mold or mildew, then it is time to opt for a new one. This is because the mold and mildew have serious health effects which can be averted by opting for a new one.


From the guideline above, it is apparent that the question of the worth of bathtub refinishing lies on the state of the bathtub in mind. So, is it worth your money? Bathtub refinishing can restore an old stained bathtub to its previous glory. However, if the bathtub is seriously stained, requires a lot of repairs and has major leaks, then it is not worth refinishing it. Therefore, the ball lies in your court, just follow the guideline.

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    Bathtub refinishing is known to only about 20% of Americans. The custom for most of us has been to replace bathroom fixtures instead of refinishing them. The tight economy and the green movement are forcing many to reconsider their bathroom remodeling needs with a view to saving money. It is a known fact that a replacement bathtub can cost as little as $100, but what many people don’t realize is that when you add the cost of a contractor, demolition, removal, disposal, paying a tile setter and a plumber, you can see how quickly the cost goes up to $2500.

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