Top Balustrade Design Ideas For Your Balcony

A balcony is a great addition to any home. It allows you to step, outside and enjoy the morning breeze as you drink your coffee. It also allows you to enjoy stunning views, or simply embrace the sunshine. However, balconies are usually situated on the first floor or higher, which means you need to have a balustrade to protect you and other users from falling. If you’re looking to choose a balustrade for your balcony, it’s crucial to keep safety in mind while ensuring that the stunning views are retained. To achieve this, it’s important to select a balustrade system that is both strong and meets safety regulations, but also designed to allow for an unobstructed view of the surroundings.

Top Balustrade Design Ideas For Your Balcony

Top Tip: When considering a balustrade for your balcony it is a good idea to use a company specializing in professional balustrade installations. This will ensure it is fitted properly and does the job it is designed to.


Alongside having it professionally fitted it is a good idea to spare a moment to consider how much privacy you need your balcony to offer you. This largely depends on what you are looking at and who can see you on the balcony. It is important to consider this early in your project as it will make a difference to the balustrade design you choose.


This is a contemporary look and a great way to appreciate the views while being shielded from the wind. Glass can also look stunning. You can opt for a design that means it looks invisible or you can have etchings and frostings on the glass, highlighting its presence and personalizing your balcony. It can also be produced in a variety of shades, allowing you to block UV rays or simply add a beautiful effect to your outside space. Glass balustrades need no maintenance and will last for many years. The only issue you will face will be smudged hands and fingerprints on the glass which will need to be wiped off.


Metal is a more traditional option for a balustrade but it has a lot of potential. Metal balustrades can be created in a huge array of styles, from curved posts to framework, or even a more ornate design. Metal balustrades can be made from many different types of metal although the most common are steel and aluminum. They can also be coated virtually any color which allows you to place your own mark on your home. Providing they are properly coated they will last for years with minimal maintenance.

Top Balustrade Design Ideas For Your Balcony - steel balustrade


Wooden balustrades remain a popular option as they generally go with traditional houses. They can also be created in many different styles and painted or stained any color. However, wood is more vulnerable to the elements. It must be re-treated regularly to ensure it retains its strength. If not you may find the balustrade is not capable of doing its job. The good news is that wooden balconies tend to be the cheapest option and sections can be replaced without replacing the entire balustrade.

Final Thoughts

There is no right or wrong decision when it comes to balustrade design. You simply need to consider what balustrade best suits your budget, style, and needs. Then, commission a professional to fit it for you and enjoy!

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