How to Plan a Backpacking Trip in a Bear Country

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Hiking in a bear country can be a very fun experience. Though, you should not underestimate the troubles associated with it. If you would want to go to a bear country, you should plan it very well. Nothing guarantees absolute safety, but this article will help you plan a backpacking trip in a bear country and minimize the risk of a bear attack.

How to Plan a Backpacking Trip in a Bear Country

Preparation Of A Backpacking Trip

First is to do research beforehand on the bears that you may encounter in that country. Although the chances of meeting one is low, as bears will avoid people to some extent. Bear spray is an effective choice to repel bears. You may consider buying one before your trip. In repelling approaching or hostile bears and reducing the occurrence of human injury, bear spray has been proven very successful according to research. You can use it only approaching, charging or hostile bears. Do not attempt to spray it on backpacks, clothes, tents, or individuals. It disables the bear temporarily but causes no permanent damage.

If you plan to hike in a bear country, you may want to invite your friends as well. Travelling in groups is much better than travelling alone because it will help keep bears from attacking. Larger amount of noise will keep them away. Remember to stay in groups and do not wander alone because if something unexpected happens, your friends will be there to help you. Do bear in mind when you get there, you should clean as you go. Never allow bears to obtain your food and your garbage. Why? Because these bears will learn to obtain food from campgrounds which will make them aggressive. They will be bold enough to attack people so it’s important to be responsible for your own things- as well as your garbage. A bear attack can lead to a severe injury. Worse, it may result to an untimely death.

How to Plan a Backpacking Trip in a Bear Country - backpacking

The trick to enjoying a bear country camping trip is to be armed with the right equipment. The traditional way of storing food when camping in the territory of bears is to hang food in trees. You would want to pick a best bear canister for backpacking that will keep you and your food safe. A bear canister, is a waterproof, hard-sided food locker, and definitely is a safer option. By offering a convenient, reliable way to keep human food secure from animals, canisters give backpackers a sense of security. Its goal is to make foods and scented products (like toiletries and garbage) totally safe from bears that are drawn to human food because of their strong sense of smell. Moreover, you can sit on it because it serves as an alternative to a camp stool. Bear encounters pose a danger to human safety, but the odds are that you would only see bears at a safe distance if you take every step to prevent an encounter. 


Don’t let fear overcome you when you plan a trip in a bear country. One of the best ways to overcome your fear of bears is to just be prepared and be educated about how to deal with conflicts by following the simple safety guidelines in bear territory. Just follow the guidelines and do the right things and you will be in good shape. Enjoy your bear country backpacking trip and don’t let the fear of bears accompany you every step of the way and ruin your holidays.

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