Architrave Styles For The Perfect Interior Finish

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You must have heard numerous people saying, “Little things matter high.” Well, it is actually so. Especially when it comes to architecture, the importance of even little details is worth gems. Designs, borders, and color all contribute to making a piece of construction heavenly.

Architrave Styles For The Perfect Interior Finish

Architrave is one such thing that is invaluable as far as the designs of houses and buildings are concerned. Architrave is like a highlighter that enhances the beauty of the frame whether it is a door, window, or something else.

What Is Architrave

For those of you who do not know, the architrave is a beam or frame that may be fixed on the top and sides of a frame mostly around windows and doors. The architrave is also called epistyle or crosshead. The style of design has been in use for a very long time. Ancient Indian architecture has seen the use of various kinds of architraves such as flower-shaped, rounded, wavy, and voluted, etc. The structure with a golden history is quite popular in current times as well. Modern designs are also making use of epistyles to give a unique touch to houses and buildings.

Are you considering having architrave studded in your house too? We know it’s rather intriguing, and you should definitely get it. To help you make a better choice, we have collected some of the best architrave designs that you can use for your structure. Let us have a look:

Majestic Style

If you have a massive, royal entranceway, this architrave design is perfect for you. The architraves can have various distinct detailing on it, and it looks awesome when surrounded by natural light. High doors and windows usually ask for matching big architraves that may sometimes look like tall architraves. The molding rounds off the edges properly, and since it’s huge and glossy, it easily grabs attention.

Architrave Styles For The Perfect Interior Finish - architrave

Ogee Design

This is one of the most popular crosshead designs today. In case, you are looking for something truly superior in nature, ogee architraves are the best option for you. The simple yet authoritative detailing in the design is sure to give your frame a class of its own. Ogee style is perfect for homes, hotels, schools, and almost every other building. It is simple, sleek, and outstanding.

Tall Design

The tall design is in use when the architrave over the door or window frame. Sometimes, it is extended so much that it almost reaches all the way up to the ceiling. This kind of architrave design is a great way to deliver a bold statement. Not only does it look great to the eyes, but it also strengthens the frame very well. The tall architrave can be made out of MDF, hardwood, or softwood.

Please know that the purpose of architrave is not only to give a touch to the aesthetics, but it also has a role to play in the support system. We hope you found the designs given above useful. By the way, which one are you going with?

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