Apps That all Tradies Should be Using to Enhance Productivity

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Regardless of what type of project you’re working on as a tradie, leveraging the powers of the latest business applications can help you to save money, increase profitability, and save your time. Innovative tech tools can help you better manage your accounting, develop better relationships with your customers, maintain open communications with everyone on your team, and meet all of your project management goals.

Apps That all Tradies Should be Using to Enhance Productivity

Our team members have been where you are now, so we know all the things that have been holding you or your team back. You don’t have to worry about trying and testing several hundred apps and software programs. We’ve done the testing for you. The following are apps you need to have in your toolkit if you want to continue breaking through the barriers that hold you back.

Xero – Accounting software you can rely on

Xero gives you access to your automated banking feeds and financial data while also handling your payroll and online invoicing. Synchronizing your bank data with this accounting software allows you to centralize all your financial and accounting processes in one place and eliminate the need to jump from platform to platform. Users of Xero can also do collaborative work with their bookkeeper, accountant, or advisor by giving them access to the account so they can collaborate from anywhere in the world. By having all of your financial data in one place, you will also find it much easier to calculate your taxes.

Software for project management – WorkflowMax

You can manage the entire project lifecycle with WorkflowMax. Its functionality includes an array of useful tools, such as the ability to track time and monitor deadlines, the information required to set profitable prices, and customer quote management. You can also export all of your project management data into your accounting software through Xero and other apps. The best aspect of WorkflowMax is its ability to produce performance reports, which you can subsequently use to analyse the profitability of different job types and perhaps even employee roles. These reports assist you to identify what types of tasks make the most money, and who among the team members is contributing the most.

Software for Customer Relationship Management- HubSpot

Whether your business is just starting out or has been operating for decades, HubSpot is the perfect Customer Relationship Management (CRM) solution. The CRM software helps businesses grow by increasing traffic, converting visitors into customers and providing an effective customer service strategy that turns customers into word-of-mouth promoters of your business. Besides automating the process of scheduling meetings with customers, it provides them with a deeper understanding of your company. This can increase interest in your brand and help you to close profitable deals much faster. 

Use Tech to get a competitive online insurance quote

Apps have been created to fix just about every problem a trades business could possibly have. But did you know you can jump online to get competitive quote for tradie insurance and avoid the long process of comparing quotes.

Managing your work with Asana

Asana is another great project management tool that is perfect for managing multiple teams, communicating with team members, and setting clear deadlines. With Asana, everyone will be kept informed at all times. Asana lets you plan out the timeline of your project and assign your workers to specific projects. They can also use the software to inform you of their progress and report job completion. When jobs are completed, employees can review the to-do list, and you can help them stay on task and follow a clear direction even if you are supervising multiple projects remotely.

Apps That all Tradies Should be Using to Enhance Productivity - using app

Communication tool for teams: Slack

No more long email lists or trying to get everyone engaged in a discussion. With Slack, you can contribute to a group chat instantly, simplifying collaboration with your entire team. Channels can be created for the different teams you manage so that everyone can easily read and respond from any internet-capable device. Through the app, you can also send messages, pictures, videos, and all types of documents to others. This way, when you send everyone the blueprint for a job or key instructions, they will have easy access to them at any time.

Streamline your accounts: Shift

Your accounts, apps, and workflows can be streamlined with Shift, a fantastic desktop app. Do you find it tedious to switch between accounts and log in and out each time? Shift provides a simple and elegant way to manage everything more efficiently. With Shift, you can toggle between multiple Gmail, Outlook, and Office 365 accounts without any hassle or frustration. You can also connect Shift to all your email accounts and favourite web applications before customizing your workstation to meet your needs.

Remember everything with Evernote

You can remember everything with Evernote; think of it as a second brain! This is the best note-taking app if you want to stay organized and enhance your productivity. You can use Evernote to record, organize, and share notes at any time and place. Armed with Evernote, you can rest assured that you always have your best ideas on hand.

Remove distractions with Self-Control

Self-control is a free, open-source application for macOS that lets you completely block distracting websites, mail servers, or any other online content. Simply enter the period of time you want to block the site and select ‘Start’. The website or online content will subsequently not be accessible during that period – even if you switch the app off or delete it.

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