Why Every Handyman Should Use Invoicing Software

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As a handyman, your priority is always making sure your work is of the highest possible quality. You’ve probably invested in the best tools and are always up-to-date on how to fix the latest appliances. But you might not have spent much time optimizing your invoicing process. This could mean you’re sometimes getting paid late or not getting paid enough. Even if all your payments are on time, you may have to spend more time chasing your clients for money than you’d like.

Why Every Handyman Should Use Invoicing Software

Whatever your current payment set-up is, invoicing software will make it easier to concentrate on the job at hand. This way, you can do what you do best without having to worry about paperwork. Here are some reasons to consider invoicing software today:

Quicker Payments

After finishing a job you might ask your client to expect an invoice in the post or wait until you get home to e-mail it over. With invoicing software, you can have your invoices ready to pay in seconds. What’s more, you won’t even have to create it yourself with an invoice template from FreshBooks.com. You’ll look more professional and reduce the amount of admin you need to do once you get home. Invoicing software even lets you ask for deposits before you begin work, making the whole payment process seamless from start to finish.

More Transparency

Sometimes a renovation job can take longer than expected. Maybe you’ve been hired to fix something that requires extra parts or more hours than initially agreed upon. When you use invoicing software, you can automatically factor in additional hours and costs. These will be clearly visible on the invoice, helping your client to understand where the final fee came from.

Reduces the Need for Cash and Checks

For a quick fix, your client might try to hand you some cash or a check as you leave their home. While this might seem convenient enough, it can be harder to keep track of these payments and you may have to spend more time filling out your records. Because invoicing software makes payments so quick, it will be just as easy for the client to pay online. You might find that clients are grateful for this option too, as many people increasingly don’t carry cash.

Why Every Handyman Should Use Invoicing Software - handyman

You’ll Look Professional

If you are currently asking clients to pay in cash, this could set off alarm bells for some people. Cash payments can be associated with work that’s not legitimate, especially now that online payments are so easy. Even if you are accepting online payments, how professional is your current system? People may be even warier about giving out card details or bank account numbers if your payment portal doesn’t seem secure. Invoicing software can make clients trust your business more and will give you even more reliability as a handyman.

Easier to Keep Track

All handymen come into contact with a large number of clients. When you’re working on several larger projects, invoicing software helps you to keep on top of timelines and offers more control over your cash flow. You’ll be able to quickly see what you’ve been paid and how much more work there is to do.

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