Appliances You May Consider Adding to Your Outdoor Kitchen

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An outdoor kitchen can be a fantastic place where you can cook and prepare meals and entertain people in the open air. It can be the centerpiece of your entertaining outdoor space, allowing you to enjoy the weather while entertaining your guests, friends, and family. However, outdoor kitchen layouts will be incomplete without a range of appliances.

Appliances You May Consider Adding to Your Outdoor Kitchen

Here are a few of them that you must consider adding to your outdoor kitchen.


Buying a fridge is one of the apparent additions you must make in your outdoor kitchen. You will need it to keep your salads cold and to store your meat before grilling it. You may also keep the beverages in the beverage fridge in it or keep condiments handy.

Ice Maker

You need ice for a variety of purposes, especially while you are serving beverages from your kitchen. Some refrigerators have an in-built ice maker, but you can also install an under-counter, free-standing, or portable ice maker to fulfill your ice needs.


Also known as a beer dispenser, it is a must-have appliance if you frequently host a party and if you and your guests are beer lovers. If your outdoor party is a version of a man’s cave, then a beer dispenser would be a must. Social gatherings are also handled well with the help of kegs.

Double-Sided Grill

A double-sided grill can be a great addition to your outdoor kitchen. Many of them have a gas grill on one side and a charcoal grill on the other. Such a grill can allow you and your guests to enjoy both the worlds at their best without the need to purchase two separate grills. Such grills are also useful if you are hosting a party for both vegetarian and non-vegetarian guests. You may grill meats on one side and bread and veggies on the other side. In this way, you can accommodate grilling needs for all guests on a single appliance.

Warming Drawer

When you are cooking hot dogs and burgers in large quantities, you can keep them in the warming drawer to keep them warm until they are served to your guests. A slow cooker or warming oven can also serve to keep meats, rolls, and other food items warm for a long time. Such an appliance would make your outdoor kitchen much more functional, versatile, and convenient.

Appliances You May Consider Adding to Your Outdoor Kitchen - warming drawer

Side Burner

A barbecue grill is one of the most obvious appliances to add to an outdoor kitchen, but if you do a lot of cooking outdoors, then installing side burners would be worth it. They are highly useful in expanding your cooking options, thereby allowing you to prepare a broader range of grilled dishes to satisfy your guests.

Pizza Oven

If you have many pizza lovers in your family and friends circle, then an outdoor pizza oven can be a fun appliance in your kitchen. Pizza ovens can be installed on carts so that you can place them wherever you want in and around your outdoor kitchen. You can also have a wood-fired in-built pizza oven in your kitchen to impress your guests with your pizza making skills. You can not only make pizzas in these ovens, but they can also be used to bake loaves of bread, roast meats, grill seafood, and cook calzones. If you’re planning to get one, you should visit Pizza Oven Pros for reviews and buying guides to help you in picking the right pizza oven for your outdoor kitchen.


Smoking is a great cooking technique that can add delicious flavors to your meats, olives, scallops, nuts, cheese, fruits, and vegetables. If you want to take your grilled foods up to another level, then having a smoker in your kitchen can be completely transforming.


A blender is one of the necessary appliances you must add to your outdoor kitchen, as it allows you to serve beverages, cocktails, and margaritas to your guests. You can have an in-built blender made on your kitchen countertop or buy a portable appliance that you can take out only when you need it. Not only margaritas, but you can also make smoothies, hot soups, and fresh salsas for your guests using this device. Ninja is one of the most popular blender manufacturers, but the are notoriously hard to clean. Find out the easiest way to clean a Ninja blender in this guide.


Having a dishwasher in your outdoor kitchen allows you to spend time with your guests while the dishes are cleaned automatically in a dishwasher. This appliance cleans the dishes quickly so that you can enjoy your outdoor area for longer. So, these are some of the recommended appliances that fit in almost all outdoor kitchen layouts. Having them in your place makes it easier for you to host parties and enhance the outdoor cooking and serving experience. While you don’t need to run back and forth from your indoor kitchen, you stay more energetic to enjoy your party and have fun.

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