5 Life-Changing Appliances for the Elderly

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If you or someone you love is at home struggling to move around and be independent, it may be time for a change. Luckily, making a home accessible and accommodating the needs of people with mobility impairments or other issues that come with aging doesn’t have to be a costly endeavor.

5 Life-Changing Appliances for the Elderly

Here are five life-changing appliances that you can incorporate into the home so that older adults can continue to remain independent and age with dignity.

1) Stair Lifts and Chair Lifts

Chair lifts are a practical solution installed in hundreds of different homes and businesses. Lifts from the Jameson Medical online shop can accommodate straight stairs, curved stairs, outdoor stairs, and even split stairs. Stairlifts come in all shapes and sizes, and you can find options for any length of staircase, short or long. For someone unable to get up and down the stairs safely, a chair or stair lift will significantly improve their quality of life and support their independence.

2) Toilet Paper Holder with Grab Bar

For older adults or people with disabilities, one common issue is getting on and off the toilet. A grab bar can be a game-changer. With these amenities, a toilet paper holder also functions as a grab bar that can withstand weights of up to 250 pounds. Also, incorporating a grab bar into your toilet paper holder is a stylish and convenient option.

3) Electric Tea Kettles

While electric tea kettles are convenient for everyone, they are especially efficient for the elderly and come without the risk of spilling boiling water. With these electric kettles, you can set the water to the exact temperature you want. The kettles come with boil-dry protection and auto-shutoff features for added safety. To boil water faster and more safely, electric tea kettles are one of the best options.

4) Automatic Jar Openers

For older people who have lost a lot of their strength, even opening a jar can be a challenge. Automatic jar openers take the hassle out of getting a container open, and they are especially helpful for older adults with arthritis. Even if you’re not an older person, these jar openers make life much more efficient. These openers do all the work for you and are incredibly user-friendly as well.

5 Life-Changing Appliances for the Elderly - automatic jar opener

5) Water Temperature Thermometer

When there is no way to tell the temperature of the water without sticking in your hand, it would be convenient to have a thermometer. Elderly folks with limited mobility may have trouble reaching down to test the water, and they shouldn’t be burning themselves, either. Additionally, water temperatures tend to rise very quickly, depending on whether the user has turned on the taps correctly. A water temperature thermometer is an excellent way to ensure safety in the bathroom, and the device is easy to install. The LED display on the tap also lets seniors see the temperature, no matter how dark it is.

Up the Safety Game

For people entering the later stages of their life, it is crucial to ensure their safety at all times. If they have trouble moving throughout the house, it would be worthwhile to install a stairlift. A stairlift will also give you the reassurance that you or your loved one can always move around. Grab bars should also be present in various places throughout the house, including near the toilet. Buying a toilet paper holder with a grab bar built-in can seriously help the style and efficiency of your home. It can also be easy for seniors to burn themselves with hot water, so electric tea kettles and water temperature thermometers are musts. Electric tea kettles allow the user to set the water to an exact temperature, and they take away all the risks of boiling water.

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