The Answers to the Top Issues Faced by HVAC Systems

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So you’ve already had your HVAC system installed and can’t help but notice a few problems with it – it could be a recurring issue, or it could worsen over time. While cleaning the filters and the coils has yielded no results, you’re beginning to think that it’s high time you called in the experts. The fact is, most of the problems you have with an HVAC system can well be avoided with regular maintenance and servicing. In addition, it is recommended that your system be checked twice a year to prevent major outages, especially come summer!

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But some issues are more common than most, so here’s how to spot them – and do something about it while you can. Here are the answers to the top issues faced by HVAC systems today.

A lack of maintenance

A lack of maintenance is often the culprit among the many issues that plague HVAC systems. However, when it comes down to it, almost every problem is caused by irregular maintenance. For example, most furnace issues are caused by not checking the system regularly, so you can avoid this if you make it a point to have your HVAC system checked and inspected at least twice a year.

Ignition issues

The second most common problem most HVAC systems encounter is issues with the ignition or pilot. It can be dirty, or the flame sensors are not working. The furnace can also be locked out, or the burners may result in an outage of the pilot. Ignition issues can also be caused by a problem with the gas supply or the wear and tear of a component in the ignition, such as the thermocouple or ignitor. The best way to deal with problems like these is to have it looked at by a company well-versed in repair and maintenance, such as AC repair Aurora IL professionals like McNally. They would know how to handle such problems, especially as it involves risky elements such as high voltage and natural gas.

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Filter problems

Another common issue faced by HVAC systems is problems with the filter. You have to replace your filter regularly as it will help extend your furnace’s life and efficiency. However, if the filter remains dirty, it can cause restricted airflow, which means your unit will work harder to be more efficient. As a result, the blower of your furnace can also suffer, and it can cause overheating – which may end up causing your furnace to shut off once it reaches the limit.

Malfunctions of the thermostat

It just so happens that there are different kinds of thermostats – non-programmable and programmable. More often than not, when your furnace is not doing well, there is a thermostat issue. You can try to refer to the owner’s manual and the instructions on how to operate it, as it can save you from a costly service call. For instance, if you have a programmable thermostat, it may need battery replacement. If the issue persists, your issue can be quickly looked at by an expert technician.

Wear and tear

Sometimes, the issue is just typical wear and tear, like when some mechanical parts or components wear out. These will often include bearings and belts, which can cause overheating, problems with airflow, or poor heating. When you seek regular maintenance, check if any belts are stretched or worn, and make sure to oil motors and bearings.

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