Reduce home heating costs with spray foam insulation

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Several essential things need to be considered when building your dream house, and you must choose the siding, paint, flooring, and so on. Another critical factor is the insulation to have an energy-efficient & money-saving comfortable house. That’s why we made this comprehensive guide on how to reduce home heating costs with spray foam insulation.

installing spray foam insulation in walls

It will be critical to eliminate or decrease energy loss by producing a high thermal environment. Spray foam insulation is the best option than conventional construction insulation such as fibreglass. Nowadays, it is recommended by industry experts also. It helps in the reduction of energy expenses & electric bills. In addition, the room of your house keeps warm during winter conditions & cool in hot temperatures. But everyone’s concern is, could spray foam insulation really be a money saver product? Let’s discuss!

Considerations Influencing month-to-month Electricity Bill Savings

Homeowners claim to have reduced between 30%-50 % on the annual energy expenses, but which factors make the difference? Some aspects will influence how much money you can save from your monthly expenditures. Now let us take a check at the HVAC unit, AC unit, door & windows, furnace, as well as the foam-insulated parts of your house.

  • HVAC Unit

Even if you’ve never had the HVAC unit, ducts cleaned & serviced in a while, you’re probably losing money. If you really want a power-efficient home, you must run this technology as effectively as possible. Applying foam insulation all across the house provides the desired air sealing. Still, if the HVAC unit is not serviced and fitted, you will have to suffer for it.

  • Furnace & AC Unit

Do you have a habit of blowing your ac to the lowest set-up in the hot weather & your heater to the highest setting in the cold season? All of those factors can influence how much money you can save after getting your existing house spray foamed.

  • Doors & Windows

In the cold season, you can feel the cold air seeping in & across the doors & windows, which is also true in the hot season. So if you have done spray foam insulation in your house, but your doors & windows are inefficient, this is just additional money spilling from your homes.

How much money would you save during spray foam insulation on the roof decking?

Heating & cooling expenditures will be reduced by 10-15% in modern & well-insulated houses, relative to 20-30% in old homes with present minimal insulation with fibreglass batt insulation.

installing spray foam insulation in attic

How much money can you save with spray foam insulation in the block walls?

When the spray foam insulation is used in walls, it receives over 2 hours of full sunshine inside rooms constructed around 1990 using block walls. And it will experience a 15-25 percent decrease in heating & cooling expenditures.

Either You Own Single-Story or Two-Story House

Spray foam insulation will assist single-story houses over two-story houses. It generally has about double attic floor space. New homes with high ceilings or little attic areas cannot be renovated to spray foam insulation over the vaults because of difficult access without drywall removal. The air border can be installed between both the domed roof & the access attic, resulting in the spray foam-insulated loft or an aversive attic. The attic with little surface to install spray foam will save less money than 100% access attic.

Determining Whether Spray Foam insulation Is Appropriate for You

Experts can assist you if you believe your house is constantly costing you income due to insufficient insulation. They will run different tests to discover and propose changes to existing insulation & ventilation. Spray foam insulation could be the best subsequent step for you based on the criteria of your house. Spray foam insulation could be done securely & effectively, allowing you to start breathing more easily right away.


As you’ll see, the spray foam  proportioner system can help you save money on annual energy costs, but there is still more to it than that. If you want to create your house highly energy efficient with less money, call your energy supplier & conduct a proper energy audit. The entire audit will check over the appliances to check their performance. Check the air leakage in the blast doors. Get help and suggestions from the auditor and search for burst pipes & emissions from the appliances in your house and you’ll b able to significantly reduce heating costs in your home.

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