Ancestral Home? 3 Reasons You Need Quality Well Maintenance

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Ancestral homes in the USA have been central to acquiring a sense of rootedness and tradition. The properties help connect their residents with the past at a physical, cultural, symbolic, and spiritual level. Most people living in rural America don’t want to alter the depictions of their predecessor’s dwelling. For example, ancient pit houses were built in the ground and used for shelter from extreme weather conditions. Research says that over 43 million individual homeowners in America depend on the quality and safety of domestic (private) wells as their source of drinking water. They are responsible for maintaining their domestic well systems and getting the water quality monitored.

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The Federal Safe Drinking Water Act or state laws do not regulate the quality and safety of water from domestic wells. Instead, the U.S. Geological Survey identifies, measures, and assesses the nation’s freshwater resources including streams, rivers, lakes, reservoirs, and groundwater. Since wells are the sole source of water for drinking and other household needs for most people in many rural areas of America, the National Water Quality Program (NWQP) necessitates their hygiene. Routine well-maintenance ensures that they do not pose any health risks associated with contaminants. Keep reading to know why your ancestral home needs quality well maintenance.

1. To ensure water quality

The quality of well water is of utmost importance when it is used for consumption. The presence of certain contaminants and pathogens can cause health issues. People with weakened immune systems, children and the elderly may be especially at risk for illnesses. If wells are not built properly, or if there are nearby sources of animal or human waste, their water may be contaminated by coliform bacteria.

2. To save you big bucks in the long run

Although well water sits within the earth and comes from natural aquifers, which usually don’t contain any life-threatening contaminants, it can have strange colors, stinky smells, and poor taste in wells with mechanical problems. One can never know what natural or human-caused contaminants could make their way into the water. Hire a professional such as a well drilling contractor in Maryland, to prevent the difficulties that can accompany when a well has been drilled in a spot where groundwater is limited. Re-building a well from scratch, setting up the pump system, and producing an appropriate amount of water supply are heavy investments. A licensed professional can ensure the longevity of your well system and save you big bucks in the long run.


3. To prevent diseases

Water wells can be a dependable source of water if kept clean and monitored regularly. One shouldn’t ignore recurrent incidents of gastrointestinal illness among household members or visitors or a change in taste, odor, or appearance of the well water. Professionals ensure that hazardous materials, such as paint, fertilizer, pesticides, and motor oil, are kept far away from a well. Natural disasters such as floods and storms can affect a well’s water supply and quality. They can also loosen the rocks or sediments holding the groundwater.Wells left unused can host many pathogens. They can become a breeding ground for insects like mosquitoes. Unused wells deteriorate without maintenance and use. One should hire professionals to plug all abandoned wells in their ancestral property to protect groundwater and preserve community health and safety.


Although one might get sentimental about various features of their ancestral property and overlook routine maintenance, inherited wells pose a needless contamination risk. Hire professionals to keep your wells in good condition with sufficient water supply.

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