How To Make The Ambiance Of Your Small Living Room Alluring

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In modern days, with living expenses skyrocketing, owning a dream house can be quite tough.  Many people try to fulfill their dream by opting for a studio apartment or a small house. Designing a small living room is quite challenging as it is a difficult task to strike the balance between getting the room to appear more spacious while fitting extra seating into the available space. Apart from that, living room ambiance plays a key role in entertaining your guests as they experience the most of it than any other family member and becomes your prestigious label. So let’s get started by choosing the best furniture for our small living room.

How To Make The Ambiance Of Your Small Living Room Alluring

A small living room will look compact with less number of windows. Using wallpapers and hanging a mirror that can reflect the outside view can add depth to the room by providing an image of an extra window. You can consider the following points while designing your small living room:

    • Have hidden storage: Choose furniture with in-built storage space to minimize the clutter. You may have a trunk or a storage ottoman that serves as a coffee table. Small chest drawers along the wall that can home all the items can boost the storage option without space limitations.
    • Choose multifunctional furniture: Using ottomans work as extra seating as well as a coffee table. Little stools can be used as tables or seats. Window seats are not only meant for village homes but also apt for modern houses. A free-standing version of window seats with storage space underneath is a good option to make use of the dead space otherwise.

    • Have built-in storage space: If your living room is with high ceilings, you can make use of the extra space by having a floor-to-ceiling storage wall that can be customized to occupy everything from books to home theatre.
    • Select small scale furniture: The shape and the material of the furniture can make the room look more spacious. Antique shops are the best place to look for upright, slim and squared-off arms furniture that works well for your small living room. Check out the lovely collection at, My Liberty Furniture which offers a wide range of small scale furniture such as TV unit, coffee table, console table, sofa table and so on. You will be overwhelmed to choose one from many such antique pieces. While choosing wooden furniture select light wood that is visually modest.

    How To Make The Ambiance Of Your Small Living Room Alluring - amazing living room

    • Choose a backless sofa: A backless sofa is a trendy alternative that can be used from both sides when you have limited seating options in an open-plan space. It can also serve as a divider when placed in the center of a larger room. You can make it into a bed when there are guests around.
    • Have a stock of spare seats: If the living room space is very limited, you are unlikely to have many seating arrangements. In such cases, you can store folding chairs or stacking stools in hidden areas or under the bed where you can easily pull them out when there is a party in the house.

    • Add plants to the ambiance: Just like mirrors and wallpapers, plants are a wonderful idea to add depth to your small living room. For this, the plants can be either kept in the corners or behind chairs and sofas. Lush greenery in the background can fool the eyes into imagining more space than actually.

    Above all, always choose furniture that can be arranged symmetrically in a small room. By following the above recommendations, a centrally placed sofa along with a coffee table and side tables on either side will give an attractive look to your small living room ambiance.

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