Amazing DIY Curtain Ideas for Your Home

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Curtains are an amazing invention, aren’t they? Not only do they help you guarantee your privacy at home, control the lighting (hence, the mood) and protect furniture from direct sunlight on hot days; they also play a major decorative role, and changing them can give any room a massive, instant facelift. There are a number of DIY ideas out there that you can take on yourself to give your home that unique touch that can only be achieved with made to measure curtains.

Amazing DIY Curtain Ideas for Your Home

While you may be excited about redecorating with new drapes, you might not be as excited about paying for new ones at the store. Luckily, curtains are quite easy in essence – for their flat pieces of cloth that you can shape, whichever way you please in the simplest of ways. Don’t worry if you’re new to sewing, because The Fallen Hem will give you the ultimate beginner tips for perfect results. In this article, we give you five DIY curtain ideas to try in your home.

Stenciled designs

With just some plain curtain panels in a light color that goes with your room, stencils, fabric paint, and a bit of imagination, can create your own unique drapes. There are many stencil designs on the market that you can choose from, and you can use a paint roller or a prayer to apply the paint. Just hang without creases until the paint dries and voila!

Word expressions  

Just get a white or very light colored curtains and a fresh new sharpie, and get creative with the words! Your very own handwriting (and even that of those you love) can create beautiful shapes using song lyrics, poems, or even parts of your favorite books! These can be fun conversation starters for those who love the written word.


You can use any plain roller blind for this idea, combined with your own imagination to create the perfect window cover. For starters, you can either use stencils to trace, or draw your designs on the plain canvas. After that, use a craft knife to cut out your design. This concept works best for bathrooms, kitchens, and children’s bedrooms.

Amazing DIY Curtain Ideas for Your Home - cutouts

Tea towels

There are other uses for tea towels you know! Especially those finds you may have landed at the dollar store. One of the easiest DIY curtains to try, since all you need to do is attach some hooks for the tea towels and hang them in your kitchen for a fun, matching effect.


Although it may have been big in the 70s, the fold-and-clamp tie-dye style remains timeless and fun. Combining elegance and uniqueness, tie-dye curtains are perfect for any room, especially those with otherwise minimalist décor. Just fold, fold your curtains in different ways, and then dye them, and not any two will look the same!

Amazing DIY Curtain Ideas for Your Home - tie dye

Whether you’re a pro or a beginner wanting to experiment with some DIY around the house, nothing is easier to design than your very own unique curtain panels. And even though some of the ideas mentioned above require some sewing, it is minimal and basic that any newbie will still manage to get great results. So, roll up your sleeves and get creative following this simple DIY curtain ideas!

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