Best Air Staplers A Buying Guide!

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A staple gun is a commonly used equipment in the construction industry. As the name suggests, it looks like a gun with a cartridge for staples. These guns are also called as powered stapler and are helpful to staple wood, plastic and masonry. The best air staplers staple the hard surfaces with the help of compressed air. You can buy them in plastic, aluminum and steel varieties depending on the work that you have.

Best Air Staplers A Buying Guide

Unlike nails, staples are often sold by their series number. But the series of these staples does not tell you about their size. Apart from that, staples are not one size fits all solution. Therefore, choosing the best air staplers for your staple gun is crucial to complete the project. The crown width and the gauge, along with the funky curves and different inset patterns to cut wood and other items, should be checked before you buy the staplers. If you want to know further about these, then check out this guide.

1. Crown Size

The crown is the bridge known as the horizontal part of a staple used to join the legs of the staple. Mainly the crown sizes are segmented into different categories, which are wide, medium and narrow. The electric or the battery-operated staple guns are the varieties which have a significant crown size that helps in the level of work done. After all, some manufactures measure inside of the crown while others measure the outside of the crown. The crown size and the shape vary according to the application for which you are using it. It can be flat in shape, U shape, and others like round from the top. So, when you purchase for the best air staplers, you should check the crown size.

2. Wire Gauge

Another measurement that helps you in finding the best air stapler is the wire gauge. It helps to determine the thickness of the tool. Gauge is determined by the wire diameter. The thinner the wire is, the higher will be the wire gauge number. The wire gauge is also a factor whether the staple gun is lightweight or not and they are responsible for a smooth commercial application. Generally, the more the thickness of the wire gauge, the more the application is rugged. While for the finer applications, which requires higher proficiency and precision, thinner gauge staples have been used. Applications like fastening upholstery to a furniture frame has been performed using the thinner gauge staples.

Best Air Staplers A Buying Guide - air stapler

3. Leg Length

While the wire gauge and the crown size plays a vital role in determining the best air staplers for your project, checking leg length is equally important. The leg length requirements vary based on the application type and the base material on which you need to use the staplers. That is why checking the leg length of the staplers is also very crucial.

Pro Tip: You should never force a staple to work with the wrong tool. If you force, it can damage the stapler or the staple gun or the tool you want to use.

How Is The Staple Series Important?

Manufacturers make the shopping of the staples easier by giving a series number to these staples. So that you can get to know that the stapler you are going to use is compatible with the staple gun. This allows the people to find out the best air staplers for them to complete the job with perfection and without any problem.

Learning about the product helps in making an informed decision when we go to buy it. In the case of staplers, remember that you have to check your project before purchasing the stapler because compatibility matters here.

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