Easy DIY Home Improvement Projects to Try Next

DIY does not always have to be a painstakingly taxing ordeal; in fact, there are many simple home improvements you can make without even breaking a sweat.

Easy DIY Home Improvement Projects to Try Next

Whether DIY is your favorite pastime, or you just feel like your home could do with a few upgrades, here are some fairly straightforward ideas you might like to try out next.

Install a Thermostat

Starting off with the easiest of the easy tasks, installing a thermostat is simple, yet it boasts a wealth of handy benefits to your home and your energy bill. You can buy a PTAC thermostat to improve performance and climate control. Installing it yourself does not take long, and in one simple upgrade, you can make your home more energy-efficient!

Swap Out Your Door Handles

Swapping out your door handles can work wonders to add some spark back to your home’s interior, even if you hardly noticed them before. Dull and discolored door handles can be an eyesore, especially when there are so many beautiful options to choose from. Whether you go for a great golden handle or a more low-key brushed brass option, all you will usually need to install it is a screwdriver and some screws, two big players in the toolkit of any DIY enthusiast.

Start Painting (Ceiling Included)

A new coat of paint can transform a room in an instant, even adding value and covering up marks and blemishes. It is important to not forget the ceiling either. You likely do not stare up at the living room ceiling very often but painting it can allow you to relish in a number of passive benefits, such as a greater level of natural light reflecting around the room, a brighter atmosphere, and sometimes even the illusion of added height.

Easy DIY Home Improvement Projects to Try Next - painting cabinets

A New Doorknocker

A fancy doorknocker is not solely reserved for haunted houses in horror films or mansions in British TV Dramas, and since the front door is probably one of the first parts of your house your guests will be introduced to, why not make your door look unique? There are some great options on Etsy, and doorknockers only take a few minutes to install. Garish or subtle, sometimes the smaller touches make the biggest difference.

Paint Your Own Masterpiece

If you do not happen to possess a natural affinity for creating great works of art, there is no need to panic, as you can unleash your inner feelings through abstract expression and make your own one-of-a-kind masterpiece. Even just painting stripes on a blank page and framing it can add character to a room. Although they are nice, they can be a cheap and easy DIY alternative to forking out a mountain of cash for an original Pollock.

Get Caulking

Caulk might be one of the DIYer’s best friends. You can use it to seal old windows, bathtubs, kitchen tiles, and a seemingly endless list of others. It only takes around an hour to do a larger caulking job, but make sure you get it right the first time. Otherwise, you will need to revisit it sooner than expected.

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