How to keep your home and air clean

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When we talk about air pollution, many people tend to take perspective of an outside environment. What we tend to forget is that there is air everywhere including indoors which can also be polluted. In either case, the indoor pollution can be worse than the outside pollution. The case is usually because of various pollutants such as, the in house dust and fire retardants. This pollutants are normally tracked into the home while some are brought through coat of paints on walls, carpet cleaners, and new furniture.
How to improve air quality in your home

Below are few home maintenance tips to help you improve your indoor air quality.

Keep Floors Fresh

Household dusts can be dangerous as it can contain chemicals and allergens. There are, however, various ways you can keep your floor clean. In such cases, sucking the dusts with a vacuum cleaner can be helpful. A vacuum cleaner with a HEPA filter is best to reduce the lead concentration as well as other toxins. In addition, you can mop the floor, which will be a perfect finish as it picks up dirt that is left behind after vacuuming. The process is well done using microfiber mops that capture more dirt. After cleaning, placing a doormat is important to trap excessive dirt from getting inside your house. If you have pets it’s much harder to maintain your floor clean and removing pet stains can be very difficult. Luckily we wrote and extensive guide on How to remove pet stains.

Maintain a Healthy Level of Humidity

For lasting fresh air in a home, one should ensure a low humidity level. High humidity level of above 50% can be a conducive environment for dust mite and moisture. We all know that molds grow under moisture and can be very dangerous to one’s health. If you already have mold or mildew in your home check out our guide on How to keep mold and mildew away from your home. For these reasons, ensure a lower or no humidity at all inside your house. To achieve this, use air conditioners especially during summer, which is a best way to control allergens, reduce moisture and improve air quality. An air conditioner additionally removes pollen hence reduces chances of allergy.

No Smoking Zone

Cigarette smoke can be very upsetting as it can stay in air for long. Once the smoke clings on furniture it can be very hard to out do it. If you want to get rid of the smell of cigarettes in your furniture you can check our tutorial on How to clean upholstery. This eventually leaves behind a polluted environment, as one’s living room will always have a foul smell. There are only two ways to reduce the level of cigarette smoke pollution to your home. First, it is important that you stop smoking as this will not only reduce pollution but will also save on your health. Secondly, in case you are a heavy smoker and cannot quit, at least consider smoking your cigarette outside the house.

Test for Radon

Smokers who frequently smokes in house should consider conducting a radon test. The colorless and odorless gas can be dangerous especially with cases of cancer affection. Besides, radon can be everywhere including inside a new home. The gas comes as a result of a natural decaying uranium in soils. If in case your home has cracks and holes, you are probably risking to its effects. To keep your home away from radon pollution, you should hire companies like
How to improve air quality in your home - air duct cleaning

Maintain a Natural Smell

Bringing nature indoors is a good idea for improving indoor air quality. This can be achieved by introducing a fern, spider plant, and aloe vera. These indoor plants are a good source of purity to your indoor environment. In addition, various natural-scented laundry products can also contribute much to this process. Aerosol sprays such as deodorants, hair sprays, and carpet cleaner are, however, not recommendable, instead, one should rather let in fresh air by opening windows.

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