Top reasons why air conditioning maintenance is important

Top reasons why air conditioning maintenance is important

As a homeowner or property manager, you appreciate the significance of ensuring that your premises remains habitable for your residents all year round. The scorching spring and summer weeks are critical in that people will aim to search for some place to escape the heat. Owning a well-functioning air conditioning system goes a long way in keeping your customers, employees or tenants fresh and cozy, but similar to any appliance, it’s prone to breakdowns. Consequently, sourcing for a maintenance expert to carry out minor repairs and routine servicing to arrest common AC issues early enough bears several essential benefits.

We’ll address the top three grounds for conducting regular air conditioning maintenance.

AC maintenance refines the quality of indoor air

You can’t put a price on your health. Taking time to ensure your cooling system remains functional improves the quality of indoor air. We breathe in the air inside our premises more than from any other place, and it’s only logical that the fresher your system – the better the air you inhale. Below are stats to back this claim.

  • Premises that embark on regular ac maintenance including sanitization of the ducts tend to experience higher quality indoor air than homes where air cons never get serviced.
  • Cleaning air ducts aids in decreasing the quantity of dangerous bacteria that cause outbreaks of asthma, flu, common colds and COPD.
  • Decreasing the possibility of disease or allergy outbreaks by adhering to a maintenance schedule, considerably diminishes your chances of falling sick.

Increased reliability

Perhaps among the worst things that can happen is for your air conditioning system to fail at the most awkward moment. Flagging air con can translate to lost income as clients hunt for alternative premises to do business. Routine maintenance helps in identifying minor issues beforehand and saving you the costs of potentially replacing the whole air con system. Addressing minor issues saves you much in replacement and repair costs in the long-term.

While it’s impractical to have your system running at 100% levels at all times, routine maintenance by a certified and licensed contractor extends its lifespan considerably and keeps it functioning efficiently for extended periods.

Top reasons why air conditioning maintenance is important - central unit

A well-maintained air con runs more economically

A dirty air con takes longer to meet the desired temperatures set on the thermostat, meaning it will consume more energy hence more money. It’s a mathematical inevitability. The US Department of Energy claims that replacing indoor air filters on a monthly basis lowers energy bills by roughly 20%.

The truth is that any heating or cooling system runs more efficiently when it breathes easily. The indoor filters are virtually the lungs of your cooling system, and when they’re dirt-free, your system doesn’t have to work hard.

Key takeaway

Maintenance experts perform tests on your air con system to establish whether the coolant and motor are running at optimal levels, and the pressure range as well. Don’t bet on comfort by disregarding routine maintenance. Even though you don’t use the air con frequently, yearly check-ups are necessary owing to the air condenser exposure to outside elements.

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