Reasons why Air Conditioner Freeze Up

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If you think freezing in your air conditioner system is a good sign, and that would lead to cooler air, you sure need to be more informed about the air conditioner system. Your ac system works completely different from what you have been thinking. The ac system works through a controlled temperature, airflow, and pressure. These together complete the right cooling and operation. But if any of these fall out of place, the refrigerant system through which the cold air is created over locks which then freezes itself. This would in turn fail to produce cold air.

Reasons why Air Conditioner Freeze Up

AC which is frozen would either blow cool or warm air and in some cases, there will be no airflow. In cases like this, the best smart move is to contact the best ac repair Cypress TX, professionals. Your hunt for the right professional ends by reaching Wrightway Comfort, the best ac repair experts in town. To make you understand better, this article will explain to you everything about freezing and also the things you must do for situations like this. Take a look below as what you should do.

How Your AC Makes Cool Air?

The coil is the prime part of the ac which is high in the cold refrigerant. When you activate the ac, the refrigerant needs warm air that needs to be blown across. This in turn cools the air, while at the same time keeping the coil warm as not to freeze it. On the straight cool system, the coil indoor helps in removing the heat from inside and transfers it to the outdoor coil with the aid of a refrigerant. The heat is then pushed outside. This is the reason your outdoor unit blows out hot air, hotter than the temperature outside. If the warm air is stopped from blowing outside, or if any of the pressure is wrong in the coils, then in no time the coil freezes. If you notice a freezing case in your ac, call the experts from Cypress A/C repair to avoid further damages.

Moisture Makes it Worse

When the air is high in humidity, the freezing problem becomes much more of an issue. The coil starts with the ice formation which initiates insulation with the cold so that no warm air reaches the coil. If there is more moisture in the air, the more and easier the ice starts to build up. It gradually covers the ac interior like that of the chest freezer and then slowly freezes the copper pipes.

Lack of Airflow

The most common reason for ac freezing up is a decrease in airflow. There can be many reasons for decreased airflow like malfunctions in the system, issues with the blower motor, and many more. If your system stops the warm air, it will lead the coil to freeze up. Most of the time, the compressor continues to run but will fail to produce cold air. If left untreated, it will create more issues with the system and eventually lead to system damage. Hence, make sure to call the air conditioner repair Cypress TX professional as soon as possible.

Reasons why Air Conditioner Freeze Up - split system

Collapsed Duct

It is because of the duct that the air flows smoothly throughout your house. So, if there is any problem with the duct system of your house, it will immediately affect the airflow. This will then block the airflow reaching the coils. Even if the entire ac system runs perfectly, a blocked or collapsed duct can cause many issues. This is another reason for coil freezing. Therefore, when there is Air Conditioner Repair Tomball TX, ensure your technician checks the duct system of your house too.

Bad Blower Motor

With no doubt, Blower Motor plays an important role in the ac system. No matter what type of blower your system owns, if it stops working, then there would be not enough airflow to the coils. And as you know, once, there is not enough air for the coil, it tends to freeze. The best way to find issues with the blower motor is by hearing strange rattling or irregular sounds coming from the ac. This is an indication that your ac and the blower motor need immediate attention.

Clogged Air filter

This sure is one of the basic but most neglected things in your ac system. Your air filter acts as a pathway which if becomes clogged, there would be not enough air to reach the blower. This in turn will freeze the coil. Therefore, one must make sure they regularly clean their air filter from all kinds of dust and debris to keep the filter clean and efficient in its operation. These are a few of the common problems for freezing. So, if you face any of the situations, make sure to get it repaired with the technician before the problems get more severe causing more damage to the system.

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