Making Your Home an Age-Friendly Living Space: 6 Modifications

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As we age, we still can feel fresh in mind, yet our bodies are slowly giving signs they cannot do all the activities they used to. Our homes are generally designed to suit the needs of the younger and a large portion of the population can find themselves in an uncomfortable situation as their own homes are open traps. There are, however, some modifications that can be done to make the whole home sound and safe for the elderly and reduce the risk of any accident happening.

Making Your Home an Age-Friendly Living Space

Read the text below to find out more about these adjustments.

Prevent any unplanned slipping accidents

The bathroom is often one of the most hazardous and dangerous places for elderly people due to the lack of proper protection. The tiles are known to be slippery and most accidents happen due to this. However, one little modification that can be done is installing several handles across the bathroom as a means of proper support. Nowadays, there are tiles covered with a more rough and less slippery texture, however remaking the whole bathroom can be costly and time-consuming, therefore a more affordable solution is the handles and maybe some rugs to prevent direct contact with the tiles.

Getting up and down easily

One thing becoming more and more difficult over time is getting up and down the stairs. Our bones are not what they used to be and our knees are not handling the pressure like before. Generally, we have seen better days, yet whatever the situation might be, you still have to get up the stairs to the bedroom. One solution is stairlifts, however, the duration of installing them and maintaining them can easily precede their efficiency and practicality. One solution is affordable alternatives like the Stiltz Lifts New Zealand offering a perfect alternative for classical stairlifts as they offer the same practically at a lower price point. There are several advantages to them worth mentioning, for example, they operate quietly, have a unique system, have very low power consumption, and are easy to handle. The best part is the quick installation done by professionals with years of experience, making the problems go away in an instant. Getting up and down the stairs is no longer as difficult as it once was.

The kitchen should not impose any threat

One area of the house which might impose a sort of threat is the kitchen. Some modifications that could be done are reducing the space between the counter and the kitchen installments, so you do not have to lean over so much when trying to switch something on and off again. Also, you can make sure the cabinets are firmly fixed to the walls and make sure the electrical installations are properly adjusted. The main cornet is making it wide enough to fit a wheelchair as making it accessible for the older ones, not able to approach the corners and hard angles. Also, the cabinets placed on the walls should be at a reasonable height as elderly people have a problem with stretching and leaning due to back issues and lack of stability.

Making Your Home an Age-Friendly Living Space - staircase


One common problem is high thresholds, which are often the cause of unplanned accidents and other issues. Get rid of them and instead place lower ones or no thresholds at all. You can also make sure to put some rugs on the stairs to prevent any slip or fall and make sure to coat the floors with non-seal wax.

Replacing the doorknobs

Another modification to the home, which can be done to make it more friendly for the elderly, is replacing all the doorknobs- standard ones with leavers. Remember, as you get older, the joints and muscles surrounding them get weaker over time, therefore putting any pressure and also spinning the joist can cause injuries and pain. One simple solution is replacing them with levers as all it takes is one little push to open them.

The walk to the door

One aspect we have to cover is the walkways to the door. Make sure they are smooth. Any uneven and poorly made walkways can cause an accident. Often walkways are made out of stone and purposely have some stones higher or lower for a better aesthetic look, however, this can cause troubles for the elderly as they are not stable on their feet and can easily fall down. All these modifications can reduce the risks of any accident happening and will keep your loved ones safe in any scenario. Moreover, most of these options are within everyone’s price range.

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