Natural Materials: 4 Key Advantages of Using Limestone When Building a Home

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Today’s architects and designers have more options at their disposal than ever when it comes to choosing beautiful, energy-efficient home building materials, but there’s still no beating natural limestone.

4 Key Advantages of Using Limestone When Building a Home

Read on to find out about four of the key advantages of using limestone when building a home to see why this material still stands out from the crowd.

It’s Versatile

If they find the right Limestone Suppliers, home builders can use this natural material to create many kinds of architectural features, from floors to limestone columns, natural foundations, elegant balconies, and grand entryways. It’s durable enough to be used either inside or outside the home and strong enough to support structural components with ease. Plus, it can be cut to almost any size and is varied enough to complement just about any interior or exterior design plan. Limestone isn’t just versatile when it comes to forming. It also serves several different functions. It’s strong enough to be used for structural components, beautiful enough to add elegance to any design, and, even better, it helps to naturally regulate indoor temperatures. Limestone is an excellent choice for thermal mass design.

It’s Durable and Dependable

Limestone features will last for generations, so there’s no need for homeowners to worry about replacing them in their lifetimes or even their children’s or grandchildren’s lifetimes. Even after many decades of wear, limestone will only corrode superficially. That means even if future residents seriously drop the ball when it comes to maintenance, it won’t affect the home’s structural integrity.

Cost Efficiency

Building with limestone is a cost-effective option. It doesn’t cost as much as other natural stones like granite and marble, but it still conveys the same air of sophistication. There’s a reason it’s so common to see limestone used in important buildings like museums and courthouses, and that reason is that it offers a perfect balance between cost-efficiency and elegance. Limestone also provides an excellent return on investment. Incorporating it into a well-designed home will increase the house’s property value and make it easier to fetch a good price should the homeowner eventually decide to sell. The types of buyers interested in natural stone features also tend to be more reliable and willing to pay what the home is worth.

4 Key Advantages of Using Limestone When Building a Home - colonial house

Participate in a Long and Storied History

The history of limestone dates back thousands of years. The Great Pyramid of Giza was built using 2.3 million limestone blocks, the ancient Romans used it to construct roads, buildings, and aqueducts, and elegant buildings throughout modern European history have been designed to feature this uniquely beautiful and practical stone. Modern homeowners who want to incorporate classical design elements will love participating in this long and storied history. Don’t assume that because limestone is often associated with historical buildings and structures, that means it has no place in contemporary-styled homes. It looks just as good in thoroughly modern designs as it does in homes built to mimic historically popular styles.

Find a Supplier Today

Working on innovative, sustainable home design and want to incorporate natural limestone as a structural or architectural element? Find a supplier that can cut stone to order and offer various finishes customized to clients’ needs. From quarry extraction to delivery, a good supplier will be there to answer questions and ensure that every detail lines up perfectly.

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