4 Ways You Can Accurately Cut Stone & Granite

With granite becoming a prominent feature in modern homes and offices, cutting stone and granite accurately is increasingly seeping its way into most trades’ peoples’ workdays. When it comes to cutting granite and stone slabs, there are several ways to make an accurate. However, before any of them can be used, first you’ll need a solid support structure. Without adequate support, the vibrations from the saw could cause the whole slab to crack, reducing the accuracy of the cut at best, and rendering the whole slap useless at worst. Use sawhorses or a workbench with clamps, depending on what cutting method you are using.
4 Ways You Can Accurately Cut Stone & Granite

These are the 4 most common methods to accurately cut stone and granite.

A Rail Saw

A Blue Ripper Rail Saw is ideal for getting a sharp, accurate cut. Because these saws run on a straight track system, they are perfectly suited for straight cutting and are relatively safe to use in comparison to other methods.

Their compact nature makes them ideal for tradesmen and women on the go who are often forced to cut slabs at the job site or in a small shop. These saws also come with different horsepower and sizes, making some better suited for larger, denser slabs.

A Circular Saw

Either a standard circular saw with a diamond blade fitted, or a wet-cut can be used to cut granite, but the clean up afterwards will take longer with a standard circular saw. This is because the addition of water to the cut reduces the amount of dust produced during the cut.

Use a work surface with C-clamps before you start the cut for the most accurate results and less vibration during the cut. It is also worth wearing a protective mask if using a standard circular saw as the dust will get everywhere.

4 ways you can accurately cut stone & granite - cutting

A Block Saw

If you are cutting large quantities of granite on a regular basis, and have significant space and financial capital available, a block saw can produce accurate cuts to granite blocks. This is usually carried out on an industrial scale.

A computer program records the measurements and then directs the block saw on where to cut. The block saws often have a number of vertical blades and one horizontal blade, making them perfect for cutting granite blocks into strips or slabs.

Diamond Wire Saw Cutting

Again, diamond wire saw cutting machines are often used on an industrial scale but are smaller and more portable than their block saw cousins, with many smaller diamond wire saws now being mounted on wheels for transportation to job sites.

These saws use a durable, razor-sharp diamond wire to cut the granite block, much like cheese wire goes through a slab of cheese. These saws will go through almost anything, including steel, granite, and reinforced concrete.

Your choice of granite-cutting saw will likely depend on the setting, quantity, and size of the block. For small tiles, slabs, and counters, a rail saw, or circular saw will be more than enough for the job. But for industrial quantities and vast granite slabs, something larger may be in order.

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