Advantages of House Building over House Buying

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For many people, acquiring a home is a dream and a very significant event in their lives. It is a personal matter that involves serious consideration, decision making as well as patience. That is because a mistake could cost you greatly. Most homeowners will however tell you that the decision to build or buy a home is not an easy one to make.  So which is the better way to go?

Advantages of House Building over House Buying

Both house building and house buying have their pros and cons and in this article, we will be discussing some of the advantages of house building over house buying.

House building allows you to select your preferred location for the house

When it comes to buying, that particular house is usually already built on a given location. As such, you don’t always find your dream house in the location you want. However, when you decide to build a house, you can choose a location in an area you prefer. House building enables you to purchase that piece of land in a size that you prefer as well for your entire compound.

You get to choose your building contractors and architectural design

When you choose to build your own house from scratch, you have the advantage of choosing your own building contractors and the architectural design, which you can explain to them.Everyone who dreams of owning a house someday usually has an image in mind of what they would love it to look like. According to a designer from Proficiency Bespoke the builders can translate your design fantasy into a reality with the help of a good architect and project manager.

Unlike with a bought house whereby you have no control over the building process since it already happened, you have the advantage of researching professional builders to work on your project.  That helps you get the architectural design you want and you can also contact them whenever you notice an issue later with their construction.

Building a house allows you to select the right materials

In some cases, a house you bought might have some parts of it built with substandard materials. However, when you choose to build your house from scratch, you can supervise the purchasing of materials like the flooring, the perfect furniture or the tiles for your bathroom, ensuring to get the best ones for your project. The other advantage of being directly involved in the purchasing of materials is that you can save some money that could have ended up with someone else by taking advantage of discounts or offers available. According to the experts from KwikSweep, if you’re buying a house you’ll need to remove a lot of old furniture and you’ll need to hire professionals to do the job right.

Advantages of House Building over House Buying - moving in

Every aspect of a newly built house is new

When you choose to buy a house you might get a new one that has been built with some old materials or get one that had people already living in it before. That means some aspects of it will not be as new. However, with house building, everything you use is new. This gives you an even deeper sense of ownership. Besides, you will not need to spend money on upgrades for a while as you get to build your new house with the newest materials and designs available in the market.

You only need to do some house clearance and not repairs before moving in

Buying a house will often require you to check on various aspects that need repairs such as electrical sockets, water pipes, drains, among others. You need to fix any issues in addition to doing the house clearance before you move in. However, once you have built your new dream house, the only thing left for you to do before you move in is to get the house and the rest of the compound cleared. No repairs needed.
You could get a house clearance company who factors into the resale value of your unwanted items and clear the property you built from scratch with more ease in preparation for your moving in.

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It is easier to explain to them what needs to be done away with as it mainly includes the building materials, paint and anything else that was left from the construction process. As you can see, house building has a lot of benefits but that is not to say it does not have its disadvantages.  According to the experts behind Investopedia, the biggest drawback when it comes to house building has to do with the high costs you will incur and the amount of time it will take you to finally get to complete your dream home.

The time frame could even keep increasing as the project continues unlike with house buying where the house is already existent. That said though, its pros outweigh its cons, therefore, making house building worth it.

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