How to Add Property Value With Timber Windows and Doors   

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People have been building new homes with aluminum or PVC windows for a long time, and sometimes even replace their authentic wooden windows with the same materials! This was during a time when people were blinded by progress and short-termism, which made them perceive these sometimes more affordable options as the way forward – the ‘modern’ choice. Today, after these fittings have aged, it is clear they were never on par with the quality and durability of traditional materials such as timber.

How to Add Property Value With Timber Windows and Doors

This is probably why they’re finally making a comeback, and they can benefit homeowners who want to add value to their property. Here’s what you need to know.

Timeless Quality 

Timber is a material that has been used to build homes for longer than we can even remember. As a living material, its grain is – literally – ingrained with a timeless memory and with its very own life, which makes it relatable, and innately valuable. As something that has endured and grown on this planet, and was shaped and nurtured by its environment, wood is a material that is built to last, but which can always return to whence it came should it need to be recycled. 


This means that wood is a sustainable choice compared to industrially synthesized products. However, it should always be noted that there are lots of unsustainable woods – which will have a high environmental footprint due to their exotic and sometimes illegal origins. Checking online is always beneficial when deciding on timber windows and trying to scope out sustainable options. Local hardwoods, when available, will always be a sustainable choice for the future, and will not only make your house greener but more desirable as well.

How to Add Property Value With Timber Windows and Doors - timber windows


By nature and by design, wood is made to last, and unless you really treat your timber fixtures with disdain, they will all outlive the best of us. Do not use plastic paints that claim to ‘waterproof’ your wood, as this will have the adverse effect: water will inevitably get into your timber, which, unable to dry properly, will retain all the moisture and slowly rot. Let the wood breathe or sweat, as it is known, and treat it with oil instead of paint or varnish, researching companies that use premium oil refining by-products. Yes, wood is durable, but not if you do not understand it. 

Embedded Value

The timeless quality, sustainability, and durability mean that the value embedded in timber in a material per unit of volume is far superior to a material manufactured industrially. This is a value that is intangible, but that everyone understands. What you need to remember when you change your windows and timber doors in your property is that timber is a choice that might require a higher initial investment, but will always guarantee added value compared to cheaper alternatives. By making this choice, you are not only making a good long-term decision for yourself and your family, but you are also helping keep the world a more natural and sustainable place.

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