Home Improvement Tips to Increase Your Property Value

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So you’re thinking about selling your home for a bigger or more central one in the future? Well, then it’s high time to make some adjustment here and there to increase its value. First off, you should first research the current value of housing in your area to avoid being disappointed at what price you can ask for in the near future.

Home Improvement Tips to Increase Your Property Value

Even so, you can slightly increase that value if you take these relatively simple steps.

Fix Your Plumbing

Did you know that plumbing amounts for up to 15% of the total property value? That’s right, those leaks and loose fittings could end up making you lose a lot of cash when you’re selling the house. The smart approach is to invest in a full plumbing system maintenance and repair. It’s a hefty investment, but one that will eventually earn you more money when you’re finally willing to sell your old home.

Get a Reliable Filtration System

Another factor that heavily influences property value is something that you can’t control directly: the pollutants in the area. Let’s say you wanted to sell your home in Flint, Michigan, back when the lead in tap water was still an issue. Well, you can imagine that the property value wouldn’t have been too high at that time. Thing is, there are many water pollutants lurking out there, in many regions of the US. While we couldn’t find a single filtration system that can block every pollutant out there, you can find some amazing options that target specific pollutants and pair them with pre-filtering systems for other pollutants that might lurk inside the water. As far as water quality goes, many regions in the US lack the benefits of alkaline water. for this purpose, we recommend looking into the best water ionizer units available on the market today.

Remodel the Basement

Beauty isn’t merely skin deep, as you can imagine. What’s underneath your home can be just as valuable as the interior decoration and outside looks. Many people in the past couple of years have opted to turn that dimly lit and often times scary basement into a full-fledged recreational area. By doing so, you will not only increase the price per square foot, but you will also add more value to the property by having a useful and pleasant extra room.

Home Improvement Tips to Increase Your Property Value - plastering

Upgrade the Accessibility Options

Many older folks are looking forward to moving somewhere else once they retire. In that sense, you might want to upgrade the accessibility options in your household. Think about creating wider doorways, ramps, lever-style doorknobs, and flush or recessed thresholds. This helps many people have a much better time when staying indoors. Not only that, but you’ll also make the house more accessible to people in wheelchairs or those who have other problems as well. A more welcoming home will always reward you with a higher price than small, unwelcoming apartments.

The Bottom Line

At the end of the day, what you make of your current home will determine its price in the near future regardless of the area you live in. Follow these tips and good luck selling it!

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