Tips To Using A Saw For The First Time On A DIY Project

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There are different types of saws available that you can use on a Do It Yourself project. Each of them has its own operating procedures and safety measures to adhere to when using it.  Each  saw  has  its unique  use  and  you can’t  use  the  same  saw  for  every  type  of  cut.Tips To Using A Saw For The First Time On A DIY Project

If you are using a saw for the first time on a project, here are few helpful tips that can guide you through.

Examine Your Saw

Before you start using the saw for your DIY project, do a quick safety check on it. Check the blades to see whether there are any broken or chipped teeth and be sure to replace the blade with a new one if you spot any of these damages.

Get A Good Position To Make A Cut

There is no predefined rule on which direction you should make a cut from but generally, you should have the saw facing towards the section of the piece of wood that you want to cut. Have your board firmly positioned on the surface from which you want to make a cut from to avoid unstable movements that may result in a crooked cut.

Powered saws are more aggressive compared to non-powered saws and you should pay close attention to how you position them.

Make Sure You Prevent Binding

If you are cutting plywood or paneling sheets, it is vital that you have sufficient support for them to prevent dangerous kickback which can happen if the saw’s blades get pinched within the cut you’re making.

Place some long pieces of wood or metal under the plywood that you are cutting to give some support as you make the cut. If you are cutting wood using a sawhorse, it’s a good idea to cut on the outer side of the sawhorse pair and allow the smaller piece to fall off and leave the larger piece intact on the horse support.

Keep Your Hands Away From The Blade

Saw blades are dangerous, that’s a fact for sure. Before you begin using your saw, read the user manual that came with it and find out the instructions given on how to handle the tool. There have been thousands of reported cases of injuries resulting from saw cuts, some of which have been extreme to the level of hand amputations.

Tips To Using A Saw For The First Time On A DIY Project - Miter saw

When using your saw, keep your hands away from the blade. Let the blade be directed towards the piece of wood you are cutting and your hands be on the saw’s handles.

Handle The Saw Dust

With any saw you use to cut wood, sawdust will always be produced and it can be a bit of a pain when it spreads all over the place and you have to do a lot of cleaning up. You need to have a good system of collecting the dust.

You can get a dust bag big enough in size and place it beneath the piece of wood you are cutting to collect all the sawdust being produced. This sawdust can be recycled and used in many other ways.

Conclusion have an amazing offer of a mitre saw that you need to have in your tool collection for your DIY projects. This is a good saw worth checking out.

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