7 Ways To Upgrade Your Home without Major Remodeling

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Are you planning to revamp your home as the new season sets in? Well, why not! Changing seasons call for a home transition to keep it cozy, comfortable, and appealing inside out. Home upgrades are also a great way to start fresh when life seems too drab or to spruce up your lifestyle when you feel you’re falling behind on what’s en vogue.

7 Ways To Upgrade Your Home without Major Remodeling

However, the process is often easier said than done. If you are not an avid DIY-er or are reluctant to hire a home renovation expert, upgrading your living space may seem like an overwhelming task. Fortunately, there are still several ways out. From updating old fixtures, changing lighting, landscaping, to updating window treatments, your options are nearly endless. But to keep things simple, we’ll list a few ways to spruce up your living space without a significant overhaul.

Freshen up the wall paint

Whether you want the traditional vintage look, a trendier modern appeal, or merely a change of sight, apply a new coat of paint to the walls. A fresh coat of paint or pop of bright colors can bring your space to life. Painting walls and other accessories like modern house furniture is among the easiest ways to tune up your living space. Look at what colors are in style and decide on something you like. Look at what colors are in style and decide on something you like. Ensure your furniture goes well with the colors you choose for the walls.

Buy new furniture

Alternatively, you can also replace some of your old furniture with new pieces to complement anything new you’re doing to your interior. Clueless about where to find new furniture for your home? A quick Google search will help. Suppose you live in Maple Grove, look up a top-rated furniture store in Maple Grove, MN and shop to your heart’s delight. Repeat the same for any city you live in, and voila. We suggest looking up some popular furniture trends before buying anything. Also, try to stick to a budget to avoid breaking the bank.

Create a communal living space

Open floor plans have been in style since the 90s. An open floor plan is one in which two or more common areas like the kitchen and dining room share the same open space. This combination may also include a dining room and living room or these three altogether. From better traffic flow to easier communication, increase in real estate value to layout flexibility, open spaces offer some valuable benefits hard to overlook. However, if you can’t avail the option of tearing down your walls for this purpose, go for other solutions. The daylight, mirrors, wainscoting, and using more functional furniture are some ways to create an open space without significant structural changes. Additionally, you can replace doors with walkthroughs and differentiate the rooms by tweaking the floors. These ideas will help you get an ideal communal space without skimping on style.

Update window treatments

Let’s face it! Windows are the least cared-for parts of your home. Windows protect you from harsh daylight and maintain privacy from prying eyes. Yet, people often ignore them when touching-up interiors. Window treatments can bring verve to your home like a standing-out painting. Lace-up the windowpanes for a minimalist look or go ecological by hanging indoor plants along the sides. Add vintage-style shutters or use faux painted glass to add a pop of color to your windows. You can also go bold with geometric curtain panels or match the color of your window panels.

7 Ways To Upgrade Your Home without Major Remodeling - living room

Brighten up your living space

Placing the right light in the right place can turn your space from drab to fab. Most homeowners overlook the role of lighting in making a home feel welcoming and cozy. A bit of planning can enhance interiors, accentuate corners, and conjure up a warm ambiance. Before you set out to lighten up your dim space, a little know-how about the types of home lighting is a must. Add ambient lighting mixed with accent lights and see your space come to life. Deck up your dining room with a statement chandelier over the dining table. Spruce up your reading space with task lighting. Prepare and savor your meals under the spotlight of accent lights in your kitchen. Opt for a minimalist look in your bedroom with the classy pendant lights. Remember to upgrade the old fixtures and wiring while you’re at it.

Upgrade the cabinetry

Yes, you heard it right! It’s time you give your outdated and builder-grade kitchen and bathroom cabinets a fresh look. How? Replace the dated knobs and drawer pulls with new ones or replace the cabinets altogether. There’s no point in putting off such a simple task. With a sea of options available in the market, chances are you may end up perplexed about what will suit your home best. You can decide between a bronze or copper finish. Even stainless steel knobs can tune up the kitchen and make it look chic.

Add or remove wallpapers

Can’t spend a fortune to liven up your house? Install wallpapers on your walls as a cheaper alternative. All you need to install wallpaper is a smooth and non-textured wall. Wallpapers come in a wide variety of designs. Installing wallpapers on walls is the new popular trend, and it’s here to stay. The plus point is that they are easy to remove and can be reused again, unlike paints and textures. So, what are you waiting for? Consider upgrading your living room by covering the main wall with a funky geometric wallpaper or a Victorian one for a classy appeal. Level up your study space with striped wallpaper or your bedroom with soothing mica wallpaper. The choice is yours!


A home makeover can be affordable and straightforward. You can do it yourself with a few handy ideas and a little research. There are many ways to upgrade your house with minor remodeling ideas. Take a tour of your home and jot down the things you want to change. Then, get down to business. Painting the walls, creating an open space, upgrade cabinets, adding wallpapers, changing lightning, etc., are a few simple and economical ways to upgrade your home without a messy overhaul.

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