5 Ideas To Put On Your Wedding Registry

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Planning a wedding can be one of the most exciting and stressful times in a person’s life. While the idea of preparing for a celebration of your love is inherently fun and exciting, the amount of options and expenditures it requires can sometimes cause excessive stress. But leaning into the excitement of the planning process can make it so much more simple. There are so many aspects of wedding planning that require minimal stress and maximum creativity, and putting together your wedding registry can be one such activity.


Have you had your eye on an adorable pot and pan set for the longest? Has a gorgeous new duvet been calling your name since you spotted it in the window of your favorite interior design store? Have you been waiting for the perfect moment to invest in that expensive set of professional-grade knives or luxurious silk pillowcases? Now is your chance to put together an entire list of items that will help you bring your dream home to life! Here are a few exciting ideas to help get your imagination going and help you envision all the items you’ll need to start your new home with your spouse-to-be:

Kitchen Items Beyond The Essentials

If you and your partner already live together, or are moving into a new space and bringing some of your existing items, you may not necessarily need to register for things you already have and love. If you’re in need of a great new set of nonstick cookware, a drawer full of high-quality cutlery and knives or a set of bakeware, you should by all means register for those! But don’t be afraid to ask for things that are higher up on your “want” list instead of your “need” list. Examples of these fun items may include a juicer, a cast iron skillet, a meat tenderizer, or even a pasta maker or pizza stone. When you register for kitchen items, you’re not only covering the essentials that will keep you and your partner fed every day; you’re registering for things that will help you create new memories with each other and your loved ones.

A Home For Entertaining

One of the most exciting things about building a home with your love is having a space to invite friends and loved ones over for fun dinner parties or game nights. Your wedding registry is the perfect opportunity to get some of your much-needed “fun night in” items beyond your regular serving bowls and cups. Ask for a fun set of wine, martini or margarita glasses or fun additions that will make your tablescapes more inviting, like a lazy susan, mix-and-match placemats or even fancy charcuterie boards. If you and your partner really love a good game night, why not ask for a few beanbags, blankets or even a record player to really set the mood for a fun night.

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Make Your Home Your Own

Oftentimes, you’ll find that the practical items – such as cookware, bedding, cutlery or appliances – are the first things to go on a registry. That’s why it’s good to include a selection of “just for fun” items that your guests can either gift to you on their own or include as a fun little add-on to their primary gift. Putting home decor on your wedding registry can be as simple or eccentric as you’d like. Now is your chance to collect some interesting art, a statement rug for the living room, a collection of beautiful frames for your gallery wall or even home office essentials if you and your partner work from home.

Celebrate Your Hobbies As a Couple

While wedding registries are traditionally thought to include exclusively items for the home, you can (and should!) absolutely add items that will help you and your partner invest in the hobbies you love together. Examples may include camping equipment, home workout equipment, an AirBnb gift card or even a meal service subscription. This also means adding things that will help you decompress and find joy as an individual. If you’ve had your eye on a hand massager, fancy set of bath products, collection of old books, or even a new foosball table, put it on the registry!

Make Your Bedroom Your Favorite Place

There’s nothing quite like coming home after a long day and collapsing into a soft, cozy bed, snuggling up with a fluffy pillow and inhaling the aroma of your favorite candle. Turning your bedroom into a relaxing, invigorating sanctuary for you and your spouse to come home to is essential to a beautiful home and a beautiful marriage. The world is your oyster when it comes to adding bedroom decor to your wedding registry. Now is the time to ask for those silk sheets you’ve been eyeing, a matching set of plush bathrobes, a high-quality aromatherapy diffuser or even various kinds of lighting to really help set the tone for a relaxing evening in.

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