24 Hour Key Services in Chicago, IL

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Our daily lives are governed by our keys to our cars, homes, and businesses. Until we suddenly require an emergency 24 hour key service, we never consider that such a small item can malfunction at any time.

Car key

Emergency situations tend to happen when we least expect them and at the most inconvenient times. We appreciate organizations such as M&N Locksmith Chicago, which provide an emergency 24 hour key service to the Chicago community in times of need.

Issues of Key Concern

Professional 24 hour key locksmiths have dealt with every key issue imaginable. The key issues we know about will not surprise them, so don’t worry about that. Each key type has been extensively trained. These professionals know the issue, the source of the problem, as well as how to solve each issue.

These issues are common to all types of keys, including those used for vehicles, houses, and offices, such as

  • The car key does not work
  • The key in the lock does not turn
  • Key stuck in ignition or lock
  • A key broke off in a lock of your car, house, or office
  • You have locked the key inside your car, house, or office
  • However, the key does not turn in the lock
  • Theft or loss of keys to your home, office, or car

Make Your Service Selection Based On Your Needs

It is very frustrating when you have key problems, especially when it occurs when you least expect them. A person calling for a 24 hour key service, however, should understand what type of service is required for the specific key they need. Locksmith Chicago usually has specialists dealing with different types of key problems. You’ll be able to meet with the right professional if you know the service you need. These are as follows.


Automotive 24 Hour Key Service

If you need an automotive locksmith to help you with an emergency key, call us today. Many different car key types can be cut by us because M&N Locksmith Chicago has been trained.

  • Keys for traditional cars
  • Keys for transponders
  • A key fob
  • Keys for car doors
  • Keys for ignition

Residential 24 Hour Key Services

Home emergency key services are often provided by a residential locksmith who is experienced with various types of keys and locks. This includes.

  • The front door
  • Doors on the side or back
  • Keys to the patio
  • Keys for the security gates
  • Keys for doors
  • Keyboard shortcuts

Commercial 24 Hour Key Service

If A business emergency key service is needed urgently because you have a problem with your building’s keys. Your business will be serviced promptly by a commercial locksmith if you have any key-related concerns.

Under each of these service types, we offer emergency key services that include:

  • Replacing the key
  • Duplication of keys
  • Key repair
  • Extracting a broken key
  • Different types of car keys can be cut and programmed
  • Battery replacement for key fobs

To Solve a Key Issue, Call a Locksmith

Every hour of the day and night, a locksmith can provide an emergency key service. We will be pleased to assist you if there is a problem with your key preventing you from accessing your vehicle, home, or business. With our training and experience, we can resolve your issues in a timely manner for 24 hour emergency locksmith services.

Professional Locksmiths Expectations

M&N Locksmith Chicago will do the following after you call them:

  • Your emergency key service will be handled by the best technician available.
  • Within minutes, arrive where you are
  • Make sure you have all the necessary tools in a fully stocked van
  • Get a quick overview of the situation
  • Get straight to work on solving your key troubles.

Since we have been providing 24 hour emergency locksmith key services for over a decade, we are the most trusted locksmith in Chicago, IL.  Locksmith Chicago is known for its affordable prices and the quality of services we offer.

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