10 Accountant Resume Samples & Examples

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To get the best spot, you need the best resume. That’s because it represents you and differentiates you from the talent pool. If you are looking to write the perfect accountant resume for yourself, look no further than this article.

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Here are some tips for writing the best resume.

The Summary Part of Your Resume

In this part of your resume, you will be giving the reader a small overview of your skills and experience in the field. You don’t want this to be very long; keep it short and simple. When you write about your accomplishment, make sure it is detailed and shows that you have done something rather than writing it dully. For example, instead of writing “accountant highly skilled in writing and making balance sheets,” write something like “A self-motivated and highly skilled accountant expert in writing and making balance sheets with nine years of experience.” This way, your reader will be more engaged and get the essence of you as an accountant. You can also include parts like how your skills and experience will help the employer. It will also impact the hiring manager positively as you are thinking more than just about yourself. You can also see examples of affordable resume writing services.

Skills Section

In this section, you want to write about your skills as an accountant. Mention all those skills that you are really good and proficient at. Don’t make the mistake of writing about a skill that you do not possess. Many people mistake writing just about the accounting skills in this area. However, this can be a mistake. The point of the accountant resume is to make the employer think about you; in a way, you are selling yourself. So, don’t sell yourself short. Do write about the other skills that you have. These can be:

  • Time management skills;
  • Organizational skills;
  • Problem-solving skills;
  • Interpersonal skills;
  • Communication skills;
  • Negotiation skills;
  • Management skills.

You will show the employer that you are an all-rounder by jotting these down. They will see you as an individual opening up potential opportunities to “climb the ladder,” as they say of the company. Check out this Workflow Automation for Accounting Firms Made Simple with Jetpack Workflow.


Mentioning your Work History and Education

This part of the resume will mention all the education you have completed that led you to become an accountant. You can write about the university you attended to get your degree, and just like the skills section, the more things you mention here, the better it is. Feel free to mention all the certifications you have received throughout the years. These can also be certifications in software like QuickBooks. When mentioning your work history, write about the years of work experience you have. The company you have worked for and their names, also mention your job titles in those companies. Back all this data with facts and prove your authenticity by writing short sentences that mention the type of work achievement you had in a company.

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Hobbies and Interests

It is a term that you might have heard in your school days. However, this is an important characteristic that a company looks for in employees because they might find a relevant characteristic that could be vital for the job and the company. Choosing the right kind of hobbies is also important as you only want to mention those relevant to the job. So, mentioning that you like to watch movies might not be flattering. You can try to write about stuff like running, blogging, reading, or playing an instrument. All of these skills have relevant applications in the world. You should not write about your hobbies or interests only when the resume is already full and has many things. Removing them completely or keeping the list short will be very helpful. If you cannot put your resume in order, then you can buy resume online.

The Don’ts of Resume

Here are some things that you should avoid when writing your resume. Firstly, do not write a very lengthy resume. The one consistent theme throughout the article is that everything you mention should be short, concise, and to the point. As recruiters go through many resumes, making your resume short can be eye-catching, and they might get the point quickly. It will make you stand out more than other potential employees. Do not use flashy resume templates, designs, or fonts to stand out.

Keeping things minimal and focusing more on the content is very important as the recruiters only care about that. Lastly, do not send your resume without checking it or proofreading it. It will help you catch any mistakes and edit the resume to make the best version of it possible. You can eliminate these problems by using cheap resume writing services. If you keep your resume short, do not state wrong things and mention all the things you are an accountant and avoid all the common mistakes mentioned in the article above. Then your resume will be adequate for the employer.

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