Why resume proofreading requires a specialist

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The proofreader needs a deep knowledge of the language, attentiveness, and the ability to work with numerous reference books and dictionaries. This is not just a literate person. He must be an expert in complex language rules and linguistic intricacies.

Why resume proofreading requires a specialist

The profession of a proofreader is still in demand and is well paid if the specialist has certain knowledge and skills. Wherever serious texts are published, his services are needed.

What you should know about resume proofreading

Many people are stuck when it comes to proofreading because to compose a resume is one thing and to polish it properly is another story. However, there are many companies available online, which are happy to help with resume proofreading and resumeperk.com is one of them. It is a professional company providing its proofreading services for quite some time and gained much experience due to its expert proofreaders. Every proofreader working for the agency is an English native speaker, which is beneficial on the way to getting a job.

Proofreaders check the texts, do the proofreading, and make sure the spelling is correct. The duties of a proofreader also depend on the area where he works. For example, in government agencies it is necessary to know the standards for the preparation of organizational and administrative documentation and ensure their implementation.

As a rule, the duties of a proofreader include:

● Proofreading of texts and documents.
● Correction of spelling, punctuation and stylistic errors.
● Checking the correctness of the design of tables of contents, headings, lists, tables, figures, service pages.
● Checking the spelling of terms and abbreviations. Control of paperwork in accordance with the corporate identity of the company. Verification of texts after typesetting or making edits to layouts of books, magazines, newspapers.

This is a suitable profession for diligent and attentive people who enjoy working with the language. In some cases, you can work remotely from home. Collaborate with various bureaus, publishing houses, media.

Why resume proofreading requires a specialist - proofreading

The profession of a proofreader requires such professional and personal qualities as:

● Exceptional literacy, perfect language proficiency. Absolute knowledge of the rules of the language is the main requirement for a proofreader. To start checking articles and resumes for literacy with high quality, a proofreader needs to be confident in his knowledge and not make mistakes.
● Attentiveness. This is an important condition for work, since in order to read the material and find errors in it, one needs to be able to focus on a specific task.
● Scrupulousness. The proofreader must scrupulously, thoroughly and even meticulously check the material in order not to miss mistakes.
● Perseverance. Verification of an article of 5-10 thousand characters takes about 1-2 hours of continuous work, which requires perseverance from a specialist. In general, the work of a proofreader is considered to be quite routine, monotonous, and suitable for stubborn people.
● Patience. In the process of proofreading, specialists have to work with the texts of many authors with different levels of literacy, down to the lowest. The task of the proofreader is to stay calm and patiently correct mistakes so as not to abandon the case and bring it to the end.
● A responsibility. It is a common quality required for all professionals wishing to be successful in any activity. Professional proofreaders are responsible for fulfilling their duties, take into account all the requirements to the smallest detail and do not make mistakes. They are responsible for the quality of the text that will be submitted to print, and understand that publishing material with misprints can incur losses for the publishing company, lead to the loss of its reputation and even legal proceedings.

Far from every young person looking for a job and working upon a resume can boast of such abilities and knowledge, which is why a professional resume editing and proofreading agency might come in handy.

The author of the resume, even if he checks it for errors a couple of times, most likely will not see any flaws, therefore text proofreading is popular. Not only job seekers but also many content makers (print publishers, editorial offices, webmasters, advertising agencies, copywriters) apply for help of proofreaders as experts in editing text, improving its quality and bringing it to perfection.

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