Z Grills Wood Pellet Grill Review

In times when staying at home is highly recommended, a lot of people got back to preparing their own meals in the good old-fashioned way.

Z Grills Wood Pellet Grill Review

But if you’re an outdoorsy type and into grilling, we’ve got something special for you, Z Grills Wood Pellet Grill, a champion in its league that deserves a place in your backyard.

Z Grills, a Newcomer That Has Shaken up the Market

Even if you were not thinking about getting one, you’ve probably heard about some well-established names that were the synonyms for a good grill. But, recently, one brand popped out of nowhere and gained so much attention and customers that no one could ignore it. Yes, we are talking about Z Grills that launched its first project in 2017 on a crowdfunding platform.

Is It Better Than Traeger?

Not only that it is better, but it kinda is Traeger. The thing is, for a while, Z Grills were manufacturing grills for many companies, including the well-known giant Traeger, but now they’ve decided to take their own path.

How Do Z Grills Work?

They work by burning wood pellets, and they even have their own ones on offer, but any other will work just fine too. There is a special hopper for storing pellets and a sensor for maintaining the desired temperature. Overall, it is easy to use because you don’t have to bother with charcoal, and you get an experience similar to what electric or gas grills provide. The best part about it is the taste you get since you can’t get natural wood-smoked flavor when using charcoal or gas.

How Are They Built?

You can use it as a smoker, all in one cooker, baker, roaster, whatever you like, all Z Grills are made of stainless steel and are pretty good at retaining heat. Cooking grates are porcelain-coated, which is great because it is easy to clean and prone to rust.

Temperature Range

They come with a temperature range from 180 to 450°F, which is pretty much the industry standard, so nothing to worry about here. For grilling during the winter months, we recommend checking out their insulating blankets to achieve the wanted temperature.

Z Grills Wood Pellet Grill Review - BBQ party

How to Pick the Right One?

They currently have a few series on offer, which differ mainly in the size of the cooking area that goes from 452 to 1,060 square inches, and some other features like the hopper size. The smaller ones can usually store up to 10 pounds of pellets, while larger models can carry up to 20 pounds. Keep that in mind because these grills burn from 1 to 2 pounds per hour. Don’t forget that you’ll need a Grill Cleaning Brush if you want to keep your grill in pristine condition.

What We Know About Their Price Range

As explained by many Z-grills reviews, another reason why Z Grills found their way to so many backyards so quickly is the fact that they are quite affordable when compared to some of their strongest competitors. Prices vary depending on the series, but overall, they go from $400 to $800, which is pretty good for the quality you’re getting.

Is the Z Grills Wood Pellet Grill the Right Thing for Me?

If you’re looking for a highly versatile quality griller, you’ll hardly stumble upon a better deal. Go over their offer and find the one that suits your needs and preferences and enjoy preparing meals like a real chef.

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